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Cyberknife vs Regular radiation

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My Mom was originally scheduled for Cyberknife on the spine for 1/10 . Last Wed she had severe rib pain , scan showed a fracture & progression since original MRI 3 weeks ago. Her neurosurgeon who removed the L5 tumor suggested radiation start ASAP .We met with radiation last night and he now wants to change her to regular radiation , 10 treatments to each location , once a day for ten days. This will start Monday 1/8. When I asked the  rate he said 70% vs cyberknifes 90% success rate. But if we are only starting her 2 days earlier than planned , is it worth waiting for the higher success rate with less treatments? Can Cyberknife be done on the ribs ? I’ve placed a call to the Dr for my questions of course , but would like to hear your opinions as well/ personal experiences etc .. Thanks !

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I just read, on a website titled: "Types of Radiation Therapy for Cancer - Scripps Health" (I don't think I can post links here) that conventional radiation therapy is used because it can be started sooner that the more focused types like Cyberknife. I know that with Cyberknife, they had to create a sort of cast that conformed to my body to keep me from moving while I was on the table. It also took them a few days to confer with a neurologist (since my spinal cord was involved) and develop/program a plan for the Cyberknife machine.

Cyberknife can generally be used in a more focused way following the conventional radiation treatment.

My guess is that it's the time aspect that guided your Dr.'s decision to go with the conventional radiation treatment.

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on TV. I have seen more than my share of doctors in the past year, though.

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