NSCLC STAGE 1B need opinions n support prior to 2nd onc opinion

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I recently joined the group and enjoy reading and learning from some of you. I am 60 yrs old and in good health other than Stage 1B NSCLC squamos cell. I had a 4.3 cm tumor with left lung lobectomy and lymphadenectomy in Nov. Ended up stage p2a NO MO with clear margins, moderately differentiated, spiculated egdes and minimal visceral invasion. However, no biomarker/genetic testing was done at the time. Ive researched extensively about nsclc, treatments, clinical trials, pathology, nutrition and more. Yet Im seeing another onc. for a 2nd opinion next week and Im requesting genetic testing and an indepth explanation of my cancer and info. on the most current treatment he can offer other than CHEMO. Im treating at the Cleveland Clnic and he is a very prominent onc. So yeah, Ive researched extensively but dont know all of course.and I guess Im afraid of what he will say. So, Im looking for people who have opted NOT to do adjuvant chemo and were also concerned about the risk vs. benefits for 1B Stage, receiving chemo. This is a grey area and Ive learned there are a few previous studies done on the benefit of adjuvant chemo for stage 1b and have proven to be ineffective for 1a and for most 1b. There is also a focus and clinical trials here and in other countries on using targeted or immunotherapy in early stage nscl. It comes down to your genetics and markers also. I have changed my lifestyle with excellent diet, supplements and exercise and have quit smoking and alcohol. Its sort of a crap shoot but the odds are more in my favor. So if and when I relapse I can be immediately treated by a targeted or immuno therapy that would best match my dna since its been tested and not genetically changed by prior chemo or radio. I know its also a personal and individual decision but wondering how any of you with stage 1b arrived at your decision and any professionals reading, if you would care to share. Thanks so much for reading and sharing anything you can.  Stay as healthy as possible!


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    If you don't get a response...

    If you don't get a response here, try re-posting on Inspire.com.  Those folks may have studied this subject.  Best success.

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    My husband had stage 3b squamous non small cell LC

    My husband had stage 3b squamous non small cell LC. He had radation and chemo (cisplatin and etoposide) and 8 months after treatment started he was declared NED - no evidence of disease. His tumour was 7 cm across and 2 lympth nodes were involded