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The Biggest Cancer News Of 2017? 'CAR-T Cells, Hands Down'

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I thought you might find this interesting. Hope more immunotherapies will become available for uterine cancer. We all need to stay alive until medicine catches up with our needs.

Happy New Year!


"This week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the second therapy in this class, called Yescarta, to treat advanced B-cell lymphomas, like Wilkins’. The first CAR-T drug, Kymriah, received approval in August to treat an advanced form of childhood leukemia. There are nearly 200 clinical trials exploring CAR-Ts currently registered with the federal government.

Both therapies — and others like them still in the works — are tailored to each patient and re-engineer their body’s immune system to attack their cancer. The T in CAR-T refers to T cells, key soldiers of the immune system that normally attack invaders.

Eventually , CAR-T therapies are expected to help a large percentage of patients whose leukemia, lymphoma or multiple myeloma has resisted first-line treatments. Studies suggest that about 80 percent of Yescarta patients get some improvement from the treatment, with about 30 percent keeping those benefits long-term."

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This is so encouraging. I believe Johns Hopkins did a trial for immunotherapy against endometrial cancer, with promising results. Universal blessings on researchers working on this!

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