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Surgery scheduled

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My surgery is now set for January 26th.   Open partial right.    I’m relived to have it on the calendar.   Nervous about the surgery but excited to get this thing out of my.    

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At least thats what you can say when it is over.




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Yes!!! Having a date set is such a relief. One step at a time....it will soon be over.

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Mine was an open partial and it was a lot less terrible than I had feared. A lot depends on the location and the incision size so it's possible that mine was not so bad because of that. Surgery was Monday morning, up walking Monday night, home on Wednesday and sitting at my computer doing work on Thursday. The second day was the hardest but still the pain was nowhere near as bad as I had feared. Drink as much as possible and walk as much as possible. Use the apparatus they give you to keep your lungs clear. I think it's called a spirometer. Hug a pillow to your incision when walking, coughing, or laughing. Make sure they teach you how to roll in bed to get up. I suggest you have a large garbage bag and a pillow for the way home. The garbage bag on the seat will allow you to swivel in and out without twisting. The pillow protects the incision from the seat belt. I was able to sleep in my own bed once home but I bought a large body pillow and a wedge pillow so I could sort of nestle in and support the side with the incision. All the best to you and it'll be over before you know it!

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I had an open partial as well. ALL of what Apny stated is true, I had to sleep in a recliner for the first week, get off the pain med as quick as possible and walk, walk walk..Just curious why the open route with you? The mass is small, tricky location?

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Well you are on your way~and we'll be here for you !

Yes walking is best recommendation.

Have you ever had any abdominal surgeries before? They use this gas to pump UP your abdomen so the surgeon can SEE. This gas gets trapped in weird places, mostly in the shoulder and it HURTS! BUT remember, its only a trapped gas. I would swing my arm in circles to try and get it to move out. 

Also, use ICE packs over incision. It reduces swelling and lessens pain. 

I also worse a lumbar, velcro wrap used for back backs. Used it for a couple of my surgeries. It holds and supports those aching, healing muscles. Helped me to get uP from sitting or laying down. Yes, I even wore it to bed. Helped me alot!

The first 1-7 days are the most trying. Remember you had general anesthesia, plus oral pain meds so you'll need to wait for these drugs to be metabolized and eliminated. Makes you groggy and sleepy tired. 

BUT you will start to feel better but DO NOT rush your recovery. I was told NO exercize (except walking) for 30 days, no lifting either. Your insides are trying to heal and it takes awhile. PACE yourself and soon this will all be in your past!

Sending you Serenity, calm and healing hugs,


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Thanks you guys.  Really appreciate all the responses.  Trucker, the doc said he can't use the robot due to the tumor being behind the kidney.  He said he will have to flip it over to remove it, even though it's only 2cm.  

About 12 years ago, I had two hernias repaird (belly button and one above that).  I remember what it felt like to try to sit up.  I imagine this will be somewhat worse.  The plastic bag and pillow for the ride home are great ideas.  


Jan, I'm guessing no gas pumped into me as they are doing an open instead of the lap.  But if they do for some reason, I'll use your advice.  Pain and healing I'm fine with.  Cancer I'm not.  Ready to put this behind me and move forward in a positive way.  Thanks again to all.  This site is keeping me sane.

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My mass was centrally located. Doc took my kidney out of me, used the ultra sound to pinpoint where it was and cut it out on the operating table.Then sewed the kidney up and put it back where it goes ( I had 3 artiries going to the  kidney should just have 1) then sew me back shut. 30 staples...I have healed up nicely it appears. I hope you do too..P.S- only lost 10 percent of kidney so I was happy for that.We are young and need as much kidney function as possible for when we are old men!!!

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Amen brother.  Staples and healing will not be super fun, but so much better than the alternative.  I've got three awesome kids and am excited to see them grow up.  :)  

Have a great new year everyone!!  

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