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They recently switched me from 3 years of avastin to torisel 3 months ago. Since then i have not had one good day and i am about to tell them to stop. Any perspectivesto offer? Had a cat scan this week and no progression.. i feel constantly dizzy, lightheases, exhausted by doing smallest tbing, etc etc. Before this i was an instructor, a  walker....... what  do i do? I am deginitely feenling sorry for myself.

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Tripsie  oh gosh.... that sounds really awful. I don't have any personal experience to offer you but I suggest you talk to your doctor. Surely there is something else they can offer you. Quality of life is so darn important in the overall scheme of things! I hope you find some relief soon.

Love and Hugs,


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I think that doctors sometimes forget that treatment of cancer is a two-parter ... quality AND quantity. 

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I am sorry, tripsie, and it is ok to feel sorry for yourself.  I think you should call the doctor's office and explain what is going on and you are not happy with it.  Find out why they switched you.  Hugs dear one.

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