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Catheter removal

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Hi, I just had my kidney  surgery on Wednesday and they took the catheter out on Friday and I'm having a little bit of pain going but the stream is kind of narrow just hoping that this clears up by itself and hoping there's no blockage or anything anybody else having or have had these issues? And oh boy did it hurt when they pulled  it out

Thanks again and Merry Christmas all


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My nurse sat me on the side of the bed and had me count down from 3.  At 2 she "Yanked" well probably just a nice steady pull--scared the living **** out of me.  I really can't say it hurt, but it is a feeling that I never want to experience again.  The real strange feeling came when they pulled the drain tube out.  Talk about a weird feeling.  After the catheter removal I remember having some pain urinating, but it didn't last long.  There has to be some trama in there, so give it some time.  If it continues, I'd encourage you to seek medical advice.

Good luck,


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I've had several taken out and they feel very uncomfortable but nothing like having one put in when you are awake.  That was awful and I was in tears.  I did have a little pain/discomfort urinating right after they took them out, but it cleared up rather quickly.  My problem was I had blood in my urine coming from my kidney they think and it clotted, totally blocking me at one point.  Good luck and hope it clears up.

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Well I am truly sorry for all your experiences and fears.

Now I will leave you with this:

Whenever something "intrusive" or painful is done to you, FEAR and surprise make it worst!

So mindful or centered breathing helps. (Its also called labor breathing).

You take a deep breath

breath out, SLOWLY, or to the pace of the event (shot, pulling/yanking).

KEEP TEETH apart as pain and fear make our bodies tense up and THAT makes it worse than necessary.

DEEP breath, TEETH apart, blow out your that breath to pace of event.


BTW:I did this during a painful biopsy of my cervix, NO ANESTHESIA, delicate tissue being cut.

Doctor told me it would hurt. 

I told her I wanted to time this to my centered breathing. 

I did the breathing...blowing out a good, deep breath..

She gets up and walks away.

I ask, when are you going to do this biopsy?

She answers, I already did. 

IT NEVER HURT, ONLY because I did this breathing.

Practice this breathing technique by having someone squeeze your leg muscle above the knee,building up this squeezing as hard as they can. YOU do your centered breathing at the pace of their squeezing. If you are timing this right, you won't feel it at all. Try it!

Or.. call me stupid! LOL

Because I care...Jan

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Jan, I had an excercise to do before birth of baby to accept unpleasant stimulus and just breath and relax - like walk in the rain without tensing and just feel it.  Next baby was 20 minutes from start to finish... not saying it didn't hurt.... and I use calming breathing for all procedures and positive thought, can't hurt right? 


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