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Complex cyst - terrified

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No cancer diagnosis, but a growing cyst that was found incidentally this spring. 6 month ultrasound follow up shows growth from 1.3cm to 2.3cm with some nodules. Radiology said check again in 6 months but my doc is referring me for a urology consult. Everything I’ve read says I shouldn’t be panicked, but I’m scared to death. I suffer from anxiety disorder and health issues send my anxiety off the charts. Any words of wisdom?

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Nobody here will tell you to have no fear. We've all been there.  Anxiety disorder must be torture in these circumstances.

Remember... You don't have bad news!  Cancer is something to be afraid of but you were told you DON'T have cancer.

It's nice to meet you, by the way.  


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Thank you so much for taking time to answer, Steve. Nice to meet you as well. You’re words are comforting. Sue

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Bay Area Guy
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The urology consult was the very best referral your doc could make for you.  You'll get some expert eyes looking at the results of the scans.

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Hi! I have cysts on my right kidney and had 2 on my left. One of them was 6cm!! My doctor had been keeping an eye on the big one for over 1 yr. It grew, but nothing changed about it. I recently spoke with my oncologist who told me that a simple cyst will not turn to cancer. They show up very clear on images. They are black bc they are filled with water. I also have them on my spleen and a larger one on my pancreas!!! Hopefully you feel better once you speak with the urologist.

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