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Scan today results tomorrow

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I was not overly worried until his latest CEA result came into his chart. He started chemo at 14.7, one month in was 8.2 and today one month later is 8.7. I know .5 is not horrible I know this in my rational thinking mind, but in my crazy go off the rails with worry wife mode I am certain the scan will show no change and he won't be able to get a resection. I am useless now, glad I was productive this morning. 

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I hope for the best for you. My proposed surgery is January after my 4th infusion. One of my biggest fears is that the liver lesions will not shrink enough. 

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I don't think we're ever fret free, wether we're the patient or the caregiver/loved one. 

Don't concern yourself with the CEA #.  My Onc refused to order CEA when I was going through treatment, as he didn't deem it reliable. 

When do you get to see the Doc? 


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Tomorrow at 11:15 EST 

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With some increases probable...in fact a slight increase/bounce in some studies being okay/better.   There were some that indicated a straight line massive drop and continue down had worse prognosis (if I recall correctly).  This was something looked at when I first started, so may be a bit off.  My scan was today, don't have results until Friday or Monday in all likelihood.   

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gives you hope and maybe some surgical options!!! I wish you didn't have to wait so long for your results.

I was told over the phone his tumor shrunk from 3.8 -2.5cm so pretty good. Not sure if it's enough. I know this because he has a blood clot in his catheter in his port which they said was common but now as i sit here in bed I am convinced it's going to slip out and go to his heart 

Honestly i am my own worst enemy. Appointment tomorrow to go over things still they did say the cea to them was stable 

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That blood test isn't always reliable.  It's a good thing that you got the scan so he can really see what the results are within a day.  It's hard to wait, but don't worry too much about the jump.  Wishing the best for you both.  Please let us know how he did.


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