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Question Regarding Post Radiation Pain

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Garry P
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Good Afternoon

This is my second post....I was diagnosed with metastic renal cell carcinoma, ( rib Mets) and the tumour and right kidney were removed on 13 October 2017 and further defined as  sarcomatoid metastic renal cell carcinoma  post op (pathology). My 5 radiation fractions  for in Mets pain finished on 20 November 2017... I am now waiting until Jan 2018 for my next CT... no chemo yet.... my question is is it common for the pain and nausea to still be present at this stage? Pre  nephrectomy pain varied from 3/10 to 5/10.... now the pain is a constant 3/10 and continual nauseous feeling?

I thank all in advance for all your advice and help






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I have had LOT'S of radiation. Maybe 8 weeks worth over last 5 years. I started with rib and spine radiation. Rode my Harley 80 miles round trip for two straight weeks. Nothing to it.

Yesterday was a month since another week of radiation to a couple of ribs. I still am exhausted. I can sleep 14 hours/day. Nausea and vomiting too. The ribs hurt like broken ribs. Also for a week or so, all old tumors active or not hurt like hell. (I don't mind that because I interpret that to mean my immune system is activated and going ape sh!t on any tumor cells dead or alive).

Most importantly, after recovering from all previous treatments, all my pain disappears. Another thing is that the radiation can make you sick in a way that is hard to put your finger on. Thankfully I've had good improvements these last 2-3 days. Give it time. You'll get over it and be glad you did it.

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my husband has had several treatments with SBRT; several on spine and ribs. So far, he has had no side effects at all. Fox, are you saying that as time goes on, it becomes hurtful or feeling nauseous?

Glad you are feeling better now.


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I'm saying that things seem cumulative. I think my immune system ramps up when stimulated. The radiation opened the door for my immune system to re-activate. Then it attacks all my old tumor sites as well. I've wondered if the Il-2 is still responsible.

I expect my next scans will be better than my last scans. Even in areas not radiated. It has me thinking about low dose oral Il-2.

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