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I had done my scan lab and chest  last week ,today I meet with my doctor and its NED !! The doctor moved me to one year scan,,, she said  you are stage 1 and after 2years we did every 6 months scan  we should move now to one year ...please advise me is this the right guidelines or should I push for another 6 months scan ....any way good karma to all here in csn



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    Can’t answer your question but pleased you are on the right path

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    Nice-continued good health!!

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    Yearly scans


    To me yearly scans sound OK for you, but I'm not a doctor.




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    Good news

    Congratulations on scans. Thanks for sending positive news!

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    Congrats !

    Mine was 2.5 cm and that's the schedule my Dr said I would follow too.  

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    NED is # 1!!

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    Congrats on NED!

    Congrats on NED!



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    YAAAY for NED~~thanks for

    YAAAY for NED~~thanks for sharing!

    I was moved to yearly monitoring after 1st year, I believe.

    Continued good reports!


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    Yay, super good news. I was

    Yay, super good news. I was stage 1 and they moved me to yearly after 3 years. But they did say I could continue with 2 x a year if felt more comfortable doing that. I said no thanks. Once a year anxiety is quite enough.

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    Thanks all !

    Thanks all and happy Thanksgiving....God bless all

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    Keep it up! Just listen to your body...... 

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    Hi.  Congrats on NED.  I was

    Hi.  Congrats on NED.  I was 1.2 cm and stage 1a as well. I followed 6 months scans for 2 years and moved to annual.  Dr wants me to have annual for the rest of my life.  



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    Another reason to be thankful this year! Wishing you a lifetime of NED!

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    Thanks all !

    Without you my friends it would be really hard 

    Live you all 

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    Max57 said:

    Thanks all !

    Without you my friends it would be really hard 

    Live you all 


    I was stage 1b , had follow up 5mts later than one year apart,coming up on fourth yr in April .CONGRATS ON THE NED .

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    I had scans at 6 months the

    I had scans at 6 months the first year.  Then annual scans until year 4.  Now I have scans every two years.  I'm 7 years since surgery and there's never been a trace of anything concerning since 1/4 of my kidney was removed along with the tumor.

    Hope you have continued good luck!

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    Timing of scans

    Hello, I have been stage 4 for 2 years with no "new" areas to monitor. I'm allergic to the dye and find the whole process of getting a scan, seeing the doctor, and paying the bills (my deductable for scans has increased from 5% to 20%), all very stressful. Take a break for a year, then after your next scan reexamine your frequency. I have found that for me, living with cancer is the hard part. Reduce stress as much as possible, take care of yourself, it's ok to be freaked out by the whole thing. 

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    Congratulations! Wonderful

    Congratulations! Wonderful news.

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    Outstanding news!

    Very happy for you!