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Mother-in-law, Large B Cell Lymphoma

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 Déjà vu all over again. I see on the caller ID it’s the Cancer Institute, I pick up the phone to hear the results of the biopsy only this time it wasn’t for me or my father but my mother-in-law.   Once again I stand in lymphomas playground.   I with follicular cancer NHL, my father with mantle cell NHL and now my mother-in-law with large B cell lymphoma.

She is the youngest 97 year old you would ever meet.   She runs the store at the assisted living complex where she lives, she does tai chi and works out every day.   She does every planned event that is  offered and travels quite a bit.

just a guess but it’s B cell, I’m a B cell patient..... rituxin would be about the only treatment safe enough to help transition and offer time.

 I am also guessing that this is an aggressive cancer ???  An ounce of insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Sorry to the folks who know me here.  Just raw...  of all the things, really lymphoma?

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I'm so sorry for having to go through this one more time.  I know it is nerve shattering for you and am so sorry.  The only help I can give is to be of support to you and of course hope the best for your mother-in-law.  Cancer is never fair but to live to 97 and in great health, it seems doubly unfair.  One good thing is that you know the ins and outs of lymphoma and can be of great value to her even if you haven't shared your story with her.  You can even use your dad's experience to help her with the information she may need or be encouraged by.  I sure wish you both and your family well and hope that she gets through this okay.

Thinking of you, friend,


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Sorry to hear about your other-in-law. I hope all goes well for her. I know this has to be hurting you. 

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Your words mean a lot to me thank you.  She is remarkably strong and has been well as long as I have know her.  I sensed something and urged her to visit her primary.  He sent her home with a clean bill of health which I was like really? Then two weeks ago I could smell it.  She was so tired, that’s not her.  She had to visit a soft tissue specialist to check an area where she had skin cancer removed.  He felt something in her stomach and the rest is history.  This has all transpired over the last few weeks.

I hate this stage where everyone is advising, knows nothing about lymphoma who are just looking for a quick cure.  She will be 98 in April.  I’m hearing Chemo this, radiation that etc.... I want to slam my head against the wall and see what the specialist recommend.  She wants nothing.


Thank You both, I appreciated you kindness and friendship.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Sorry about Round 3, 007 !

There are  many types of "B Cell" NHLs of course (most NHLs are some sort of B-cell), and there are even a variety of differing Diffuse Large B.  Look at her biopsy report for specifics.  But Diffuse is aggressive, since you asked.   Bless her and you both.  Ninety-eight !   I remember a few years ago praying that I would make 58, which the doctor said was very questionable at the time.  When I was 30, in ICU, the doctors told my mom I had 30 minutes to live, and he was way wrong also.  Anything is possible for her.

Do not slam your head against a wall --neurologists are all busy with the NFL at the moment, doing concussion protocols.  ;)

May she see 108,


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It’s more like round 7 or 8.   Regrettably the past 3 1/2 years have been very unfortunate that way. Half of those diagnoses are very close family and one dear friend.   I think it’s time to get out of Dodge!  

We Have a meeting on Monday.  I just don’t know if large B cell lymphoma is different than diffused Large B cell lymphoma?   Apparently no one has read the report yet.

 Thank you also for your humor and I promise  to refrain from all head slamming and keep the local neurologusts away.

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