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Encouragement for Newbies

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Today I got the good news of PSA 0! This is 8 years post Davinci Surgery.

Four years post radiation for a recurrence.

Great news to start Movember.

Origin Gleason 7 (4+3). 

hopeful and opt...
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Im glad for your good news.....thanks for letting us know.

I hope that all is going well with you. As I remember you were proud of your children who entered the mediical profession. I hope all is well with them.

I'm still posting, and continue to monitor my disease in an Active Surveilance protocol.



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Posts: 1010
Joined: May 2009

Great memory! My son is in his 3rd year of a 4 year 

Anesthesia residency at New York Presbyterian, NYC.

My daughter is in her final year of a 3 year residency 

In pediatrics at Rochester NY. 

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Congrats and very happy for you and your family!

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That's great, hopefully many more.


Living 6mos at a time

Dave 3+4

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Lewvino, that's great great news. I assume your on a 6 month psa schedule ? what a relief and inspiration  to us all that your still going strong.

Like Clevelandguy, I'm enjoying 6 months at a time.

Good Luck for continued success.. contento

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I was on 6th month schedule for 2 years post radiation treatments.

Currently back on a once a year schedule. 

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Thanks for sharing your win!  denis

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my glass is raised to your success!

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Thanks lewvino, Im so glad your doing so well. -- contento

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How wonderful to have you back in the forum. The last time we exchanged opinions was at the time you were starting your SRT. I am pleased to know about the results and hope the Zeros stay forever.

I just returned from Japan where I met my surgeon of 2000, the research laboratory and their team. They informed me about the latest in PCa treatments and investigations. We are on the way for tailored therapies. Such may not be useful to survivors but to the newbies that will take the full advantage of gene-therapy. I will suggest to the many to replace the PSA with a gene test early in their life. This will soon tell the whole story even before the bandit is born.

Best wishes for continued remission.


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What a HUGE relief this must be! And thank you for your posting.

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You are just the man I need to write to. Had RP by DaVinci method also in March, 2014. Gleason of 7(4+3), involved whole left side, 3 at 100%, 2 at 90% and 1 at 30%. Did the radiation and 2 yrs. of hormone therapy. Been surviving at PSA's of <.01 for 2 yrs. testing at 6 mo. intervals, then Sept. 2017 test was at .84. Do I have a cause to be concerned or just overreacting?

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