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Mediastinal yolk sac tumour with meningal metastasis - is it even curable?

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I apologize in advance for the grammatic errors, english is my secobd language.

My father (age 55) was diagnosed with mediastinal yolk sac tumor about half a year ago. He underwent the 'classical' treatment: 4 rounds of chemo which should be followed by operation. After chemo ended (a month after) he was feeling more or less ok, he could function almost normally. Also, the markers reduced significantly and the tumour itself shrank from 12x12 cm to about 4cm. However, before he even received the date of the operation, he was hospitalized because his condition worsened in about two weeks - symptoms were vomiting, pain in the stomach, he couldnt feel part of his leg, his speech was with difficultly, etc. After MRIs and extensove examination he was diagnosed that the cancer spread and had metastasis on meninges (around brain and spine). The doctors decided to proceed by a radiation therapy whoch will be followed by chemo. He started the radiation therapy thos week but his condition keeps getting worse. now he cant walk anymore, he can bearly speak, he cant think clearly and he lost control over bladder. I'm very concerned. The doctor didn't tell me much about the expected outcome. I'd like to know if someone has the experience woth such type of cancer. Is this type of metastasis even curable? does it leave permanent consequences on mental capability of the patient? are there any cases of successful treatment of such cancer? are there any other methods or types of treatment which should be considered? any information will help.

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Hi Kkatka,

Sorry to hear that your father is going through all these. I pray for him and for you. How is he doing now? 

My husband (28) was diagnosed with the same type of tumor October 2017, yolk sac tumor mediastinum. When he was first hospitalized the tumor was 15cm*8cm. Since then he went through 3 rounds of chemo and just had the surgery this January. It was supposed to be 4 rounds of chemo but the tumor won't shrink down anymore after the third round. AFP dropped from 8000 to 4000, then rise back up to 6000; so the doctors decided to go ahead and remove the tumor. It was around 10cm*4cm at that point.

The surgeon said that they took out all the tumor and the surface of organs that it's touching. But the tumor has grown into the bottom of his heart a little. They took out the superficial layers of his heart, but couldn't take out anymore because it would be dangerous and might cause bleeding. They put a few silver clips around that area, and there might be future radiation therapy or extra rounds of chemo.

Doctors all said that this is a super rare type of cancer. I was googling around online, still not sure if this is the right thing to do. I feel like I want to know everything about this tumor, but I'm also very scared when I see how everyone else is saying that the survival rate is really low. I was crying a lot these days, it is so hard. Hope you are holding together.


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