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Dealing with stage 4b Serous Uterine Cancer

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I am writing with hopes of gaining some ideas/help regarding my wife's serous uterine cancer, with which she was diagnosed in June, 2016 following a total hysterectomy.  As the cancer had metastisised to the omentum/peritoneum outside her uterous, it was immediately staged at level 4.  Her surgeon/oncologist/ob/gyn (same woman) at Riveerside Hospital in Cols. old us then that this is a very aggressive cancer with a rather poor prognosis.  No lymph node involvement, no prior pain or discomfort symptoms.  Spotting was the first sign of a problem and led to the hysterectomy.

Local treatment in Mansfield (OH) began immediately consisting of Carboplatin and Taxel every 3 weeks x 6.  Scans in November 2016 and March 2017 were "clear".  But in mid April, pain and pressure in her abdomen led to the discovery of extensive ascities (fluid) in her lower abdomen.  Catheter installed, Diane became dehydrated and very ill, ddn't think she would live.  Fluid stopped at 6 week point, and 2nd regimen of treatment began, cnsisting of 4 rounds of Doxil and Avastin.  Scan on 8-2-17 showed that cancer had advanced to upper region of her abdomen.  Had second opinions from Cleveland Clinic and James at OSU confirmed that chanes of traditional treatments not good, perhaps between 10-30%.  But agreement of using current treatment of Taxel EVERY WEEK for 3 weeks, one week off, 3 rounds of this plus Avastin every 4 weeks.  Next scan around mid Nov.

Now looking into coupling chemo with vitamin therapy or other alternative treatment.  Looking for any ideas/suggestions on how to best proceed to beat this crap!  Thank you.  Dave

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and I am honestly excited about the positive response of the new chemo.
Hugs to youLaughing

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I just read your great news Rose! I am very, very happy that the cancer is shrinking! Keeping you in my prayers for no evidence of cancer. 



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