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I was dx 9 years ago with stage 1a adenocarcinoma lung cancer. LRL. They have been following me for all this time for a thing that has not changed in 9 years in URL.

now they spotted 2 nodules right bye it 8mmand 7 mm. Doing proton therapy. But any thoughts on staging?


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    I'm no expert, just an 11 year and 4 tumor suvivor. Looks to me like stage II. Did your doctors tell you anything?

    Good luck and best regards.

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    Nono staging because no

    Nono staging because no biopsy.  I'm scheduled for proton therapy starting tuesday

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    Was wondering how you are

    Was wondering how you are doing? How did the proton therapy go? THey did this without biopsy? I don't understand, especially with how small they are. I would think IF cancer, this would be new primary, since you have been NED for 9 yrs. Best wishes

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    A little confused myself

    Were you in remission for 9 years and now you have new nodes? What testing did they do to determine it was stage 1? 
    Have you gone for CT scan and/or PET scan?
    In 2012 I went for a routine chest xray to see where my emphazema was at and thats when they found the mass on my right upper lung. After serveral tests and biospies , is when they were able to determine it was cancer and the staging of it. They attempted to do robotic surgery in March of 2013 but had to abort the surgery because when the surgeon got in there it was attached to a main vein in my lung. I opted to go with chemo and radiation in May 2013. After treatments, I was told in September of 2013 I was in remission. Fast forward to April 2017, I was having loewr back pain and went for a MRI, they found herinated disks, BUT also found a mass on my left adrenal gland, after further testing they determine it was Stage 4 lung cancer that metastasis to my left adrenal gland. 
    I hope you are getting the answers you need and I hope you are doing good. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.