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Just diagnosed..

I'm another newby - Just got diagnosed Wednesday, they found a 4cm tumor on my left kidney.  I've been reading through many of your stories, and I find it interesting that many of you went in to get checked for stomach pain, and ended up finding out you had kidney cancer. That's exactly what happened to me - they gave me the all clear for any big problems with my stomach, but found the tumor.

However, I'm still having stomach pain, and now I'm wondering if it could be from the tumor? Anyone have that experience, when you got the tumor removed that your stomach felt better? Everywhere I've looked at "symptoms" it mentions stomach pain, but in the advanced stage of the tumor only. and of course I mostly hear that there are no symptoms in the early stages, but I have had a lot of them (anemic, exhaustion, stomach problems, lack of appetite, and back pain.

Just curious about others experiences - still trying to wrap my mind around this.

Thank you!



  • icemantoo
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    Welcome to the club

    Colorado girl 65,

    Welcome. Not fun to be here, but at 4 cm you should be fine. As for the stomach problems I had back pains which I did not associate with the Kideney Cancer.



  • APny
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    So sorry you have to be here

    So sorry you have to be here but you'll find a huge amount of support and information. Mine was a little smaller than yours and I did not have any symptoms aside from blood in my urine. I was, however, anemic, and still am at times. It's possible that the tumor is pressing on some nerves that may be causing the abdominal pain. Did you ask your doctor if there may some connection?

  • Jan4you
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    Hello and welcome Pam!  Glad

    Hello and welcome Pam!  Glad you are able to come here and ask questions. It helped me alot to come here first so I was more prepared when I saw my Urologist/surgeon. 

    My 4cm tumor was found accidently during an ultrasound looking for something else. I too had pain, more mid back, not the typical flank pain area. My urologist said it was not related. My primary said, well lets see if it goes away after surgery. It did go away AFTER the surgery. 

    With that said, not everything is related. Have you seen a gastro doc and had an EGD test? (scope down your esophagus down to stomach) That would be good for this doctor to actually SEE inside your stomach. Acid reflux and NSAIDS can tear up your lining sometimes.

    You should be okay. And we'll be here for you all the way, if you want us to be.

    Sending you calm and HOPE for the resources provided.

    YOu can also send me an email on this site if you want to know more about the operation/recovery. 



  • hardo718
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    Welcome Pam

    I didn't have pain perse, but rather when rolling to my left side in my sleep I would be awakened by a sensation that I describe as rolling onto a tennis ball.  My little beast was a bit smaller than yours.  After a few weeks of that nonsense I went to my doc & she ordered an ultrasound.  Docs tell me that typically there aren't many symptoms associated when it's so small but they all agree it was good that I was so attuned to my body.  My surgeon also noted that they sensation I experienced will typically happen during a "growth phase" and in another week or so I may not have noticed any sensations until it hit another growth phase.  Glad you paid attention to your body's signals that something wasn't quite right.

    Keep us posted.


  • medic1971
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    me too

    I too had abd pian, lower left, went and had a CT scan, and found a tumor.  No one gave me true reason why I was having the abd pain, but wrote it off as IBS.  But I am fairly certain that my pain had nothing to do with my tumors.  In the past 2 years 4 CT scans, partial nephrectomy, and one upper gi scope and I still have the abd pain, in fact it's kind of hurting right now.  All of my scans have been clear since surgery.  

    That mystery pain probably saved your life.  You should consult a GI doctor to find out what is going on.  Make sure you don't have an ulcer or something of that nature.  

    Good luck Pam, keep us posted, and ask any and all questions you might have.  Good group of people here who want to help.  

  • coloradogirl65
    coloradogirl65 Member Posts: 16
    Thank you...

    Thanks for all the responses, helps to hear other peoples experiences. I do need to get my stomach figured out - we had already figured out it was probably IBS, but this pain is different, very sharp and really hurts. But like medic said, the pain saved my life. I've had a tough couple of months leading up to this, so I also wonder if it's just stress that is causing the pains.

    My appointment with my surgeon is next Monday, I will know more. And I'm oddly calm - actually, I don't know how to feel right now. It's just a weird "is this real" kind of feeling.

    Thanks again everyone - looking forward to all of your wisdom and advice!



  • JerzyGrrl
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    Wow - the good news is...

    The good news is, if you live on the front range, you can probably already see Monday on Sunday (and if you live in the eastern slopes and get to a good vista point, you've almost got a look into Tuesday from Sunday).

    All the best with the appointment with your surgeon. Oh, and I had stomach pains, too. Most likely stress plus wonky food choice combinations.