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Rather lost

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I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2b in April and started the treatments 1 May. I finished my treatments on 29 June 2017. I had 30 external radiation, 5 internal radiation and 3 of 6 chemos using cistiplan. I been in a holding pattern since then. The two weeks following the last treatment was loaded with side effects but I made it through them. The radiation treatments really bothered me so I been off work since May and will be returning to work on 14 August. I am quite anxious to be honest.


I have a few questions to ask and I am hoping to get your alls feedback. Until the cancer, I have never really been sick. Even with the cancer, there was no symptoms just went in for a pap smear. 

1. Does anyone else feel anxious about returning to normal routine? I have been having slight panic attacks when I think of returning to work. I visit everyone the other day and I was fine once I was there but I find myself wanting to hide out at home instead. I really havent been anywhere since May.

2. I started having bouts of constipation last part of July and tried Ducolax and it was way too strong. Any suggestions you all might have tried. 

3. My next doctor appt is 22 August and they have scheduled a PET scan on the 25 of October. Any ideas on why the long way? Yes, I will be asking the doctor when I see them but its starting to prey on my mind.


Thank you for reading this


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Sorry you had to go through so much.   But you will feel anxious about each test you have from here on out.   It will get better but somewhere there's always a bit of anxiousness.   You indicate you don't get out much.   Start to walk.  That could help with the constipation.   I walk with my camera and started to take pictures of the sky, landscape, etc.   With regard to scans, the PET scan seems like a normal wait time, especially for a PET scan.   PET scans can pick up inflammation (say from recent surgeries, etc.), so it is normal for it to be out from there to prevent any false readings.  From there, you may only need scans once a year.    Your doctor may want to see you every 3 - 4 months at first and then will spread it out to once a year.   Or they may alternate - six months your gyne/onc - next six months your radiation/oncolcogist, etc.   

Write down any and all pains or symptoms you are having - no matter how minor - to ask your doctor at your next appointment.   And always, if you have any questions, call your doctor's office.   They are there for you.

My best to you,


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I have constipation and what I use to help is fiber supplements along with Miralax. My gastroenterologist said it is safe to take both. This is helpful for me along with activity and drinking lots of water. This is not perfect, but it does help. It appears to be my new normal. You will find that Miralax is not too strong. I hope this helps.

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Thank you for the information. I returned to work today and all was fine. I work outdoors so it was great. I dont know what I was worried about.  According to my fitbit, I walked 15.8 miles. Seems like more. Laughing

I will purchase Miralax after work tomorrow. I am thinking with all the physical labor at work this constipation issue will be gone with a little help in no time

My new normal is just fine, once I realized todsy I am vertical and the sun shines most days.

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