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2 wk post op.. diagnosis finally... and questions

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so my randy is now 2.5 week laparoscopic total nephrectomy. So he does have one incision below he belly button about 3 inches where they could pull it out at. He had no drain placed, was sent home the next day. He is starting to come around but is completely exhausted. I mean literally sleeping all day? Is this normal?? He went to the ER for a hard ball thinking he might of herniated, but the scan just showed it being scar tissue and that he had a lot of fluid build up in his side. Now his incision otself swelled and popped leaking serous fluid. And it keeps filling and popping like a pimple. no signs of infection no fever and labs were good. Did anyone else have this weird drainage weeks after? Also. Those of you with one kidney what is your normal creatinine or what can we expect? 2 is what His was.


also also ( sorry I have so much to say you all are so helpful!!!) if you've read my threads before.. our finally diagnosis is RCC. We haven't actually seen pathology report just took the dx over the phone. Was told it was contained to kidney and no chemo needed. Follow up scan in 6 months. Sound about normal?

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None of us felt normal 2.5 weeks after the surrery. Creatine is typically a little high at first, but follow up with the doctor on this. Mine I believe was 1.6 initially afeter surgery and is lower now 15 years later.



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Mine was open suregery and came home on third day. I was also very tired but I didn't sleep all day. Maybe he can't sleep well at night at that's why he catches up during the day? I did a lot of walking as soon as I was home. It was winter so I did it in my house, walked for 5 minutes every hour. I really think that helped with healing and energy. On the other hand, my incision didn't pop and wasn't leaking. That's something I would definitely go back to doc for. It's probably nothing but I'd want to know that. All the best to you and your husband.

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It's a good idea to call the doctor's office and ask, just to be sure.

I had two smaller incisions that had better things to do than heal quickly. I'm not sure what, but.. Fortunately, my large incision was on-task and healed quickly. One of my little ones took 4+ weeks. They were red, but not infected (I asked). 

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