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Hello my friends!

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I have been absent from here, but think of you often....read your messages when I get the chance.

I wanted to let you know that today I went for my CT scan results....and Uncle Ned came to visit once again! I am now only scheduled for scans once a year. 

I feel very fortunate and blessed to receive such a good report....and happy to share this news with you. Wishing you all get visits from Uncle Ned as well!

Big hugs to everyone  (and a special shout out to my Foxy!) 



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Sweet!!! Congrats.

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So glad to see your face!! Thanks for bringing positive Ned vibes. . . my husband went yearly and we are coming up on scans. . . thanks for the good juju from JoJo!!!

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Glad to hear things are going good North of the border. Sorry no more trips for me to AP (Algonquin Park for those of you who are unfamiliar with a place Jojo and I have often visited.





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Awesome news.....awesome indeed. Continued well wishes to you and everyone else.

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Jojo that's so fantastic! I'm so happy for you. Scans once a year is such a relief; only have to stress once :) All the best to you always xx

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Fabulous news! Laughing

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Great news, Jojo and GREAT to read your post; it has been a long time (say I who hasn't posted much either). Sarah

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Hope you are getting lots of time with the Grandkids!

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Such good news, now going to annual checks.  I have my second annual a week from today and hoping for good news also.  I am just over 4 years out from surgery.  Best wishes.


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Congratulations! It is time to enjoy the rest of the summer (it is pretty cold this year)!

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Skagway Jack
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JoJo,   Glad to hear your news.  I hope to emulate your news as I had my scans this week and have my Doc appointment next Monday.  Congrats and enjoy the weather up there in the Northwoods.



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Now breathe a sigh of relief and have a wonderful year!!

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JoJo, I heard Uncle NED really likes you!

I know you are busy, but let us know how you're doing from time to time. 

Thyroid all better?

Hugs, Jan

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Happy for you.  Love hearing about ned for others

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Joined: Jan 2016

your awesome news Jojo!!  Now get out there and continue your life celebration!


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Joined: Jul 2016

Thanks for sharing Jojo. 


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Awesome news!  Big hug!

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Jojo, so happy to see you here, hanging out with uncle Ned! The best company ever :-)

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Joined: Mar 2015

Great news uncle NED is your best friend 

Posts: 123
Joined: Jun 2014

Congratulations JoJo!! So awesome to hear your good news! Enjoy your year of no scanxiety...haha..:)


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JoJo I am so happy to hear your great news.  You were one of the first to reach out to me on this fourm... and you even wanted to friend me... so I see you as a facebook friend in my contact list.  I am doing okay, and have been out of touch lately too.  I try to catch up at least once a week.

You go girl... and as Foxy says....FLY

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That's good to hear, JoJo. May you be NED forever.


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For JoJo and all on this board.


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Joined: Jun 2016

So, did you fix a nice meal for Uncle Ned when he visited, or did he treat you to dinner out at a swanky place?

Congrats - and much dancing!

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