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Question about symptoms

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but some further insight would be greatly appreciated. About 7 years ago I started getting heavy night sweats. Every morning I'd wake up to a wet pillow and sheets, and my clothes would be drenched. The night sweats would come and go over the years and I thought nothing of it. Late 2016 they became more frequent and one night my whole body looked like I had slept in the rain. I didnt have a fever or a cold/flu at the time. Over the next several weeks I got hot flashes (29 yr old male) throughout the day, sometimes so bad that the perspiration would show through my clothes. I thought about going to the doctor but over the next several weeks the hot flashes subsided and the night sweats weren't as bad.

Around the same time in 2016 I started having lower right back pain. I started to think this was due to sitting at a desk job all day. It became gradually worse so I started seeing a chiropractor. The adjustments were great but didn't do a whole lot for the pain. 

On top of the back pain I've been feeling very fatigued. I will typically sleep anywhere from 12 - 16 hours every Sat and Sun. I feel very tired at work and if I don't go to the gym that day, I will nap for 4-5 hours after work. I'be been like this for the last several years and can't help it. Others have noticed and often comment on my sleeping habits.

About a month ago the pain from my lower right back migrated to my right side and eventually to my lower right abdomen. Within a few days the skin on my lower back, right side, and right abdomen became extremely sensitive to the touch. When I pressed my abdomen both the skin hurt as well as something inside me. Driving over speed bumps was torture and every step taken was felt in my abdomen and back.  It hurt to wear any kind of shirt. I thought it might be possible I got a pinched nerve from the chiropractor. It went away for a couple weeks but the back pain remained with a little skin sensitivity.

About a week ago it returned with a vengeance. My abdomen was extremely sore, I could barely walk or sit in a chair, and raced to take off my shirt after work. Every step I'd take felt like a sore pouch was bounlacing around in my lower right abdomen. The pain became too much and I went to the doctor thinking I might have appendicitus. After the exam they gave me two options, go to the ER or take a risk and wait an hour to get a CT scan with and without contrast. I opted for the CT scan.

After reviewing the scan, they ruled out appendicitus but did find a cluster of enlarged lymph nodes in the mesentery of my lower right abdomen. They let me know it was indeed a painful situation but said that it was simply Mesenteric Adenitis that's probably the result of a viral or bacterial infection. I had blood tests three months before that came out clear except for slightly low MCH. I've had no fever, a steady 97F temp, nor any cold/flu symptoms. The pain seems to be getting worse everyday. I currently take 800mg of ibuprofen everyday and the pain is still there, albeit a tad less painful. I'm currently taking antibiotics in case it's bacterial.

If the pain in the abdomen was my only symptom, I wouldn't be  concerned. The addition of night sweats and fatigue are what's causing me to research the syptoms further.

Again, probably not the right place for this but after reading pages of posts I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction...

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Sandy Ray
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There are some on here that know much more than I. Still I will give you my 2 cents worth. You have a couple of symptoms that can be attributed to Lymphoma. However, you will be told by many on this forum and it is true that the only way to diagnose Lymphoma is by a biopsy. There are many types of Lymphoma and differing symptoms with each. Some people show no abnormalities in blood test. I did show blood abnormalities but many do not. Lymph nodes can be enlarged for many reasons and various infections . My lymph nodes were severely swollen and my spleen was double in normal size. I had no pain whatsoever. Those who do have pain is usually from the lymph nodes pressing on other organs etc....

You really need to tell your Doctor your concerns. I had symptoms for over a year but nothing like you are describing in severity. I had more extreme symptoms in the last month. Weight loss,night sweats, fatigue and shortness of breadth. I also of course had swollen Lymph nodes. Again Lymph nodes can be swollen for many reasons. Many people have infections that swell the lymph nodes.

My recommendation is have your Doctor send you to an Oncologist. My Doctor did not pick up on my swollen Lymph nodes but he saw enough in blood work and symptoms to send me to Oncologist. I think the Oncologist knew from the first examination although he still did CT and PET scan and ordered a biopsy before he was comfortable giving a firm diagnosis. 

Keep us posted and good luck. 

Sandy Ray


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Thank you Sandy. I will schedule a follow-up and go over my concerns with the doctor. I'm probably being over cautious but with some of the other stuff that's been going on for a while I figure now is the best time to make sure I'm not missing something.

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Have you had a complete physical and blood work done?

There are other explanations for a lot of the symptoms you have. Just make sure you tell your Dr ALL of the issues you have been having.

My lymphoma was found because I happened to mention to my Dr about some odd bowel movements. She found a lump in my abdomen that I never felt. 

Good luck. 

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If you had any lymphoma with 'B' symptoms for seven years, you would be 1) long since expired (aggressive type) or 2) long since expired/extremely sick (indolent lymphoma). It could not hide and would be completely obvious. Some lymphomas remains relatively stable for years but, if they are producing B symptoms, that is an indicator that they are widespread and on the move. All increase exponentially once they enter actively into the cloning process.

Rather, it seems much more likely that you have an autoimmune condition or perhaps even a chronic infection or hormone problem. There are 68,069 known human diseases and cnditions, while only 125 of those are types of cancer. Your body is capable of producing about 150 different symptoms. By simple math, that is 450+ potential conditions per symptom.

Until Google arrived, virtualy no one suspected cancer - now everyone seems to.

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