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New - Scared for my mom

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Hi all. I am new here.


My mother has been diagnosed (we think - as in no biopsy yet - this week) Pancreatic cancer. A scan was done on her liver and it has not spread! She claims the jaundice symptom saved her as in going to the ER. As of now, she is fine - except bathroom habits and jaundice. She was in the hospital for 3 days and got send home this weekend with insulin and a diabetic diet. That is looking to make her feel better (not sure why I am shocked in this).  I am terrified as to what will come when she has her surgery - I looked on the internet. It's deff been a roller coaster of emotions for me. I have a great family who is there to support me in this time.

I am happy to join this board because I know I am not alone.



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I understand what you are going through. It is a scary moment especially when the little info that if available is told to you. Don't go overboard reading info on the internet. that is a rabbit hole that will scare you and confuse you. Online reading is helpful but some times it can be too much. you are definately not alone. I have learned that after only being here a few days. 


I hope this helps!!!

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Very scary indeed.  I wish all the best possible outcome.  I too have been scared for my dad and I definitely started reading too much on the internet to the point where it completely took over my emotions/mental health. I didn't know how long it should take to even get a diagnosis and I started questioning every little thing the doctors were and were not doing. It is helpful to have a balance. Although it's hard to do. But I have learned (in what very short time we have been going through this ordeal-  6 weeks) slow and steady wins the race. Step by step. we are also trying to keep our emotions like rolling hills instead of peaks and valleys due to the potential extreme Feelings.  So when we learn something we are trying to take it in stride without getting too down or too high.  All the best.  You definitely are NOT alone!0

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Hello, my mother was diagnosed with SCLC in May of this year.  We have had 3 rounds of chemo and 21 days of radiation and I cannot get her to eat or drink what she is suppose to.  She has been given meds for sore throat and refuses to take it.  She is not eating well at all and I feel like when I am making suggestions, she is not at all listening.  What can I do or say to make her understand the seriousness of nutrition.  Please help.


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I'm sorry to hear about your mother's struggle with cancer. But her "lack of cooperation" may be due to depression, which isn't unusual when dealing with cancer. I'm sure her doctors are accustomed to this reaction and can suggest some help, including social support or even medication. Do reach out to them if your mother won't ask for help directly.


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As important as you know it is, she is going to do as she pleases. There comes the time that you have to just let go as hard as that is. My father was the same way but dementia had taken over. My mother is just an old fool who lets it all go in one ear and out the other. You are just a kid to her, what do you know? You could try sneaking protien powders in her food if you cook for her. Or make her a shake with real ice cream substiting ensure for the milk. Aside from that I have nothing else to offer for advice. Hang in there and please be very careful. I carried a lot of guilt when my father fell ill and it caused me to have severe depression. You know that saying "you can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink" You are living it right now. 

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