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Cabo update

Sslee723 Member Posts: 54

Well I am going into month 3 on 60 mg Cabo.  Not having fun yet but learning how to deal with side effects.  I've learned unfortunately if I want to have the slightest bit of normalcy I can not eat before I go out.  If I have errands to do I need to do them in the morning because I'm worn out from doing nothing.  I'm officially on disability this month.  Would never have thought a year ago I'd be out on social security disability at age 50.  It's mind blowing for me.  Life changing!  I was a store manager for one of the biggest pharmacies in the country and I loved my job.  Now I just can't do it.  I have good days and depressing days.  But all and all Cabo has been ok to me.  I get my 3 month scan on August 1st.  I pray it's good.  Just wanted to touch base with my forum friends. 


  • MattInVa
    MattInVa Member Posts: 50
    Also on Cab0 (For Now)

    I have been on cabo for nearly a year. Started at 60mg dropped to 40's. I have had progression albeit at a slow rate. Aug will be 2 years since my diagnosis and my Nepherectomy sept 1 2015.  

    I had short term results from Votrient and Opdivo did little for me.


    Certainly have my ups and downs.

    I too am on disability at 47.

  • tamaven01
    tamaven01 Member Posts: 21
    I'm 48 and on disability too!

    And Social Security!  So you are not alone Sslee723.  I had a big corporate job for nearly 20 years and it definitely is surreal to be on disability at our tender young ages, ha!   In any case, I am on cabo after being on sutent and opdivo which did very little for me.  One thing I will offer is that I was feeling terrible on cabo until I stabilized by potassium levels. Once I started taking potassium supplements, EVERYTHING got better. My fatigue, stomach upset, diarrhea, etc..  Cabo has made a very positive impact on my cancer, with all of my tumors shrinking, so that's exciting.  I pray for you both and keep staying positive as best you can.  Personally, I think being on disability is one of the reasons my quality of life is so high, because my stress is so much lower.  I believe its one of the reasons I'm still here even though my cancer was so advanced. 

    God bless you! I have a few more writings about cancer on my blog site at timetravelcoach.com if those would be of help.