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Hi everyone,

I'm asking for some opinions about Lung Cancer, although I'm a Stage IV Colon Cancer 5+ year survivor. I'm on maintenance chemo, for my colon cancer, and doing quite well, according to my oncologist. Last Thursday June 29 I had a follow up PET/CT, because I complained about chronic, diffuse pain, of a 1-2 level out of ten throughout my lower abdomen. The radiologist noted the following in the "Chest" section of the report: "Stable irregular 1.0 cm nodule in the posterior right upper lobe is minimally metabolic with SUV max 1.6 with o additional nodules, infiltrates, effusions or metabolic lung findings." Two things to note: (1) this the "first time" as nodule has been noted in the findings; and (2) my last PET/CT was on Feb. 23, 2017 with the radiologist not mentioning anything in my lungs.

I'm wondering what your thoughs about this finding might be and what you would suggest for the next course of action.









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    I think you need to see a

    I think you need to see a thoracic surgeon who specializes in lung disease. It could be many things, most of which are benign, but you will not know for sure without a biopsy.This nodule is very small and may be easily treated. Wishing you all the best and please keep us posted.