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VIN/vulvar cancer

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Hi everyone! I'll be going to see my doctor in a couple of weeks to examine me and send a referral to a gynecologist. I have't officially been diagnosed yet but I know what's going on. There's a white warty patch right next to my clitoris and the clitoris itself has a pale white tint to it. Three years ago I had surgery on my anal margin where 4 areas where biopsied and all came back as HPV high grade pre cancer. Obviously my vulva is being affected now.

My question is : who does the biopsy for the area my white patch is at? Can a gynocologist do it or do I need a specialist? The reason I ask is because I can't get to different towns to see doctor's. There's a larger town about 3 hours away from me that has more specialists but I have no friends or family that will drive me. I'd take the bus but I have a disability that affects my legs and balance so I kind of need a companion.

If my doctor suggests going to the mainland ( I live on an island) then I really am screwed. If I can't get myself to a town 3 hours away, I sure can't get myself over to Vancouver.

I suppose I should stop rambling...Lol....I'd just like to know what type of doctor could perform a biopsy that involves the clitoris. I'm hoping it's a gyno because there's a few in my town.


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WildNinja, I hope you get this message.  It tends to be a little quiet here but before I recommend another site I need to say, if you have cancer you need to work with a GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGIST.  If a gynecologist thinks they are the one to help you RUN from them.  You want someone who has taken extra training.  

Ok, now, there is a great chat board on the National Cervical Cancer Coalition.  Good women there.


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Thank you for your response :) While looking around, I noticed it was a bit quiet here. I'll definitley check out the link you gave. I understand the idea of running to a gyno oncologist but I honestly have no way to get to one. There's a cancer clinic in a town on my island so maybe one visits there once in awhile which would be a bit easier to get to but that all depends on if anyone would help me with transportation.

Thanks again for the link and reply :)

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