Relapse Again

My husband has Hodgkins - B Cell type - Not sure if that's technically correct description - He had chemo and was clear for 12 years! At that time, conventional wisdom was after 10 years, they could say "cured." 

But it came back and he had a round of treatment with Rituxan and relapsed in six months. So he had Rituxan and chemo and it's been 1 1/2 years and yesterday, PET scan, the doc said it's back - no better or worse than last time - (?) and at first suggested just the Rituxan, but my husband wanted something stronger -- or something that would last longer than six months. 

We didn't really have a coherent discussion because one of the sights is his lung - which scared me to death - and neither of us could form a sensible question, although I did manage to ask if it was still the Hodgkins or something new. Doc said it was almost sure it was the Hodgkins.

So, now he starts a new round - we think - chemo and Rituxan - on Wednesday. He's being very brave. Says we've been through it before and we'll do it again, but I can't stop crying.

And I'm wondering about the Doc (but haven't said anything to my husband - it's his decision) The Doc was the aggressive young Turk when all this started but I wonder - is he still the best choice - ? We're in Montana so there's no big medical centers around, and everyone is dedicated to this doctor - and really, I cast no aspersions on his abilities. It's just, I can't stop crying, and it never felt like this before.

I'm glad I stumbled on this forum while searching for new information.

Thanks for listening.



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    second opinion

    Nothing against your husband's Dr but I wonder if your husband's case is beyond the Drs experience. Being in Montana would probably mean a long trip to get a second opinion. Would it be possible to contact an Hemotologist/Oncologist that has a wide range of experience and have your husban'd test results sent to them for a second opinion or recommendation of a treatment plan?

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    Do not be chained to a particular doctor!

    You need the best and brightest. That will mean travel. How will you live with the regret if you do not seek the best? The closest to you seems to be the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. A consult there saved my life - three times now at least. 

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    Sorry for your pain

    As the other two individuals suggested a second opinion cannot hurt. It will help you feel more comfortable. I'm currently going through treatment and  have learned to question everything, first to make sure I understand but secondly to feel comfortable. I make suggestions to my doctors because I know my body and how the treatments affect it better than they do.   Just keep it in mind.

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    Thanks to All

    Thank you - everyone - for your responses. 

    I broached the option of a second opinion with him this morning after checking here -- and special thanks po18guy for the link to the Seattle Clinic -- looked at it too, but he trusts his doc and just wants to get the next round started, over and done with. 

    So, I guess we'll see.

    Everyone here seems strong and brave and I appreciate the sharing and kind words.