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Looking for solutions to get better erections!!

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It has been six years now and I need to find better ways to get erections when my wife and I want one. Viagara and Cialis have never really worked so sometimes I have used a penis pump however not the best results. Maybe I should use it more often, just not sure. 

  My Doctor prescribed an injection called Prostin and it seems to work most of the time however a few days ago it did not work at all, not sure why. My question is has anyone out there found or used other methods successfully?

Old Salt
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Prostin appears to be one component of Bimix and Trimix. The components in these mixes are adjustable for optimum results (under the supervision of a doctor, of course). They are often prescribed for ED patients who have 'failed' Viagra and Cialis.

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Thank You, I was wondering about Bimix and Trimix so I will ask my Urologist about them. Maybe one of them will be a better option. 

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I think many here experienced the same problem. Giving up is the worse approach one can do. Keep trying and with time things can become better. This is a private question to which many would not reply. Probably you can contact by CSN mail Jerry "Old-timer". He was practitioning till his late 80th, but never informed us of his style

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Thank You for your reply, I won't give up will keep looking for the best solutions. My wife is 12 years younger than I am , my performance matters.

Greg K
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 uroligist said thats all  she can do regarding scar tissue  growth in the ureatha feel like all she was intrested in was the money.

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