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Cancer Geonome Resource

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I found this link today and thought it might be useful to some. Unfortunately it doesn't specify uterine cancer - I looked under ovarian instead - but found it to be a good lay-person's explanation of what geonomic testing is used for. I'm awaiting my own Foundation One results but wasn't quite able to put the pieces together without a framework; this helped me. 



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Thank you for sharing, derMaus. I will definitely add this to my list of references. My genetic test came back negative for variants and deletions/duplications all 47 genes that were checked. I'm hoping that as the science progresses, there will be something they find in my genes to help explain the cause of the two cancers that I've survived so far...

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I'm in the process of getting my profile done. Hopeful genes/mutations will show up for which there are potential treatments or clinical trials... 

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My surgeon had my tumor tested when she did my hysterectomy, and I was a candidate for genetic testing since it showed I was missing MSH6. I had genetic testing and am positive for Lynch syndrome, which explains why I got uterine cancer. I have no first degree relatives (parents are dead and no full siblings) so they want my half brother to be tested (he just had heart surgery and doesn't know if insurance will pay for it). If he won't/can't, my aunts will need to, so we can see what side of the family it comes from. It means I will have colonoscopies every 1-2 years now since people with Lynch syndrome are more likely to get colon cancer. At least they can test and keep that one under control. I personally think everyone with uterine or colon cancer should be tested, to help their relatives know when to get testings, as well as keep ahead of their own chances of developing another cancer.

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i had genetic testing done on 27 genes all good- no lynch syndrome- I finished all my frontline treatments in Dec 2016 and then in Feb.2017 my sister was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer so they did genetic testing on 47 genes they all came back good- the only one we had come back the same is RAD Something which is still not known if it is a bad or good. We have a history of cancer, so needless to say they were shocked that all were good. We were told to just be sure our girls did their checkups on a regular basis and to be aware of their body. Known we have 3 family members with breast cancer, my niece had uterine , my o sister had pre colon cancer cells removed, prostate, stomache and leukemia - probably some I left out. This is all from my mom's side of the family- we have no history on my dads side, so that's my story on genetics

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