pancreatitis after surgery ?

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I had surgery about 2 weeks ago to remove my spleen / left kidney / 4 lyph nodes and gland.

Last thursday i was in a lot of pain so i went to the ER which at that time they did a CT of my chest and abodem.

They found that my  pancreatitis was inflammed and that my white cell count was extermly high.

The surgian removed 4 sygian full of water and put me on 3 different types of IV antibotics along with IV fluids.

Has any else experinced something simlar from there surgery ?



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    Oh my gosh you poor thing!!!

    Oh my gosh you poor thing!!! Please share your symptoms.  I have been feeling a dull constant ache at my left abdomen area...up in the rib cage but tests all reveal normal.  Im curious as to what pancreatitis symptoms are.  Hang in there and hope you recover soon!!

  • Nekocat
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    It is a shooting pain from my

    It is a shooting pain from my left abdomen to my shoulder and around to my back.

    My sister  is a nurse and she mentioned its rather common when you have a major surgery.

    Currently taking 2mg dilaudid since morphin could not touch the pain nor could oxi.

    I would highly suggest you get a CT of your lower abdomen and chest to make sure you dont have blood clots or anything else going on.

    A blood test will show if you have pancreatitis though.


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    Me too!

    Two weeks after my partial I had severe abdominal pain. I was doubled over and sobbing. Went to the ER and they were going to send me home with pain meds! I insisted a stay and they reconsidered, turns out it was Pancreatitis. Not sure what caused it, but I could never get them to admit it was the sugery! Luckily it didn't kill me!