Dental Problems and Persistent Lymph Nodes

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Hey all, I'm glad I found a site where I can ask people who know what they are talking about.


Anyways, I just turned 26 years old and I have had a few broken teeth (wisdom and molars) for a number of years. This may be unrelated, but I've had a blocked ear for about 7 months... sometimes it unpops for a few minutes but always ultimately goes back to being popped.


About 3 months ago I noticed fingertip to marble sized, pretty firm or rubbery feeling lymph node (or lump) underneath my jaw on the same side as the teeth. I felt the other side and I have one in the exact same spot but it might be slightly smaller. After messing with the suspected node, my neck began to swell and the nodes have kind of like a burning sensation (they never are tender right when I touch them). Because that side of my neck was sore, I began feeling all over my neck and have found at least two more on each side, all symmetrical, but only the left side of my neck bothers me.


I went to an urgent care dcotor as I had no PCP at the time and they looked at me, gave me a round of amoxicillin and told me to see my dentist. My dentist went on to pull 2 wisdom teeth and a molar that were all in pretty bad shape, but they never formed an abcess on my gums. There are 2 more wisdom teeth on the side that is not bothering me that I will be getting out in a week also. After getting those teeth pulled I made an appointment with a PCP who said that the swelling should go down in about a month but we went ahead and took blood because I was worried about it. The bloodworm came back relatively okay I guess.. Abnormalities were: slightly high A/G ratio, high calcium, high creatinine, and high glucose. We sent off for parathyroid hormone which came back normal with my ionized calcium normal as well. Then I had him do another test a few weeks later to check my creatinine again which had normalized, but my calcium was still barely high. PCP says repeat calcium level check in 6 months and attributes other symptoms such as high BP to anxiety. He also referred me to an ENT.


By the time I saw the ENT (about 3 weeks ago) the swelling, burning, and discomfort on that side of my neck had gone down (I had refrained from touching them for a couple of weeks). He felt my neck and felt the lymph nodes and told me that it was okay as long as they don't start getting bigger (They are the size of fingertips and marbles). So I left feeling a lot better and I would just continue to wait and they would go down.


Well a couple of days ago I was talking to someone at work and they asked how my lymph nodes were doing. I felt them a good bit and noticed they haven't really shrunk, but over the next few hours the burning and swelling started to come back (I assume by touching them I'm irritating them.. once again they don't hurt to the touch.


Im wondering if this is normal for my lymph nodes to stay swollen for 3 months with dental issues and for them to be rather firm or rubbery feeling. I have not had any other symptoms other than always being kind of tired (yawn in the middle of the day and morning) that I have had for a number of years. I do get kind of hot at night when getting into bed but my room is also around 78 degrees but I do not sweat profusely. My wife doesnt feel hot in this setting but she can be wearing PJs and still cover up when it's 78 in the room. Other than that I have had some tiny red dots popping up on my skin that I though were petechiae and my doctor said they are cherry angiomas (they are bright red and not purple). Also my CBC that I had 3 months ago was normal. I'm just worried that it might be something bad but everyone around me is telling me I'm just over reacting and it's due to the dental issues. 




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    Hard to say

    i am not a doctor but it does not sound like lymphoma to me. It would be worth a lot in terms of peace of mind to go ahead and insist on a biopsy. Thats the only way to know for sure. If it were me or a family member I would suggest consulting with an oncologist for the biopsy. Good luck.