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Update on hormone therapy

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I am just checking in to report that the therapy is still holding the cancer at bay,  This time around, I am only taking Tamoxifen, and we have seen no channge in 4 months.  I am surprised and ecstatic!  I have had troubles with my leg, which turns out to be lymphedema caused by surgery, and another cyst and henia in the pelvis, which needless to say I thought was a retrun of the cancer.  I haven;t seen the doc yet, but hope to take care of these when I see him Wenesday.  I plan on asking him about the hyparbaric therapy because he follows studies worldwide very closely.  My prayers are with everyone here for recovery and good health.

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Henhill so good to hear that you are holding that at bay with this treatment!  Sure hope they can give you some help on Wed. and yes, always keep asking about new studies worldwide- after the success Daylady and Editgirl have reported it's a good idea for sure.   (((HUGS)))

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Great news Henhill! Are you having side effects with the Tamoxifen? I hope it is easier on you than Taxol seems to be for most of us.

Love and Hugs,


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So far the worst side effect seems to be moodiness.  I feel "grumpy" a lot!  Lol  The other thing is weight gain, but for the most part, it is not hard on the body like chemo, which I know is why my doc wanted to go this way first.  He said that the quality of life is as important as the quantity, and we should try to hold onto the health we already have for as long as we can.  I am all-in on that philosophy, and I was unhappy about chemo again,, with all its side effects, although I know at some point it may be neccessary.  This is not ideal, but  it is better than that, and so far, worth the try.  I have seven months of no changes.  

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That is very good news, indeed! Thank you for continuing to share your experiences with us. It is so very hopeful to read about the different treatment options everyone is trying - and that are working! Congratulations and good luck on your continued success! Kim

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