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Guess who's coming to dinner!

JerzyGrrl's picture
Posts: 761
Joined: Jun 2016

Uncle NED! I hope he likes polenta, sweet potatoes, and green beans, 'cause it's what's on the menu.

Next appointment in six months, CT and chest x-ray (We'll look at type of contrast and premedicating). Woot! 


PS I'm setting the table with the "You Are Special Today" plates. Which reminds me: You folks who read the forums, post on the forum, send good thoughts, remember CSN folks in your prayers - You're all special, too (today and every day). 

BoondockSaint's picture
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Joined: Mar 2017

Pure awesome!!! Happy dance time!

stub1969's picture
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Joined: Jul 2016

Congratulations, Jerzy.  I've never tried polenta; sounds interesting though.  Enjoy!


daisybud's picture
Posts: 513
Joined: Jan 2016

So happy for you!



lobbyist0724's picture
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Joined: Sep 2016

Congratulations! Wish you many many more visits from uncle NED!

Retcenturion's picture
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Joined: Mar 2017

Great news after the run around you had.

Steve.Adam's picture
Posts: 463
Joined: Oct 2016

Hi Jerzy,

I will celebrate your NED over breakfast. Mine will be a kind of stir fry with some chopped liver.

Do you really have plates with 'You Are Special' printed on them? Mine only say 'Microwave Safe'.  They go with my 'Gamma Ray Safe' tinfoil party hats.


JerzyGrrl's picture
Posts: 761
Joined: Jun 2016

Red "You are special today" plate

JerzyGrrl's picture
Posts: 761
Joined: Jun 2016

On the back it says, "The Original Red Plate Company, California USA, ©1979." I've got two, both bought in thrift shops at different times. I use them when it's a birthday or other special day, when it's been a rough day, or when I have company. 

Any tinfoil hats are generally reserved for other sorts of occasions.

Steve.Adam's picture
Posts: 463
Joined: Oct 2016

You are special every day.


donna_lee's picture
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Joined: Feb 2009

Congrats on the good news.


ambava33's picture
Posts: 74
Joined: Feb 2017

So happy for you! 

Abunai's picture
Posts: 173
Joined: Oct 2016

Happy for you, Jerzy.

foxhd's picture
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Joined: Oct 2011

for EVERYONE! Always enjoy your posts Jerzy. Good for you.

rhominator's picture
Posts: 233
Joined: Nov 2015

I'm happy for you. Enjoy the days ahead.

Allochka's picture
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Joined: Nov 2014

Congratulation on uncle's visit! He is our favorite relative! :-)

APny's picture
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Joined: Mar 2014

Super news! So happy for you. Love the plates :)

JerzyGrrl's picture
Posts: 761
Joined: Jun 2016

APny, I love the plates, too. I just looked and the MSRP for those suckers is $50 each. Lord have mercy! They're made by Waechtersbach, so at least they're quality-pricey (Still, glad I got them for next-to-nothing, and they can be found for less than the SMRP even when new).

Aside from the "Special" plates, there isn't any sort of division of items in my home between the "good stuff" (for company) and the "everyday stuff" (for, well, the folks that live here).  Why not enjoy the good stuff every day? Treat ourselves as valued people we are!

Posts: 425
Joined: Nov 2016

Thanks for the best news we can hear here. Love to you, hope you enjoyed your celebratory dinner!

angec's picture
Posts: 924
Joined: Mar 2012

Cool beans!!  Way to go!  Uncle NED is always welcomed to dinner! 

Dave418's picture
Posts: 95
Joined: Aug 2014

Nice!!! The bests 3 letters on this forum!!!

marosa's picture
Posts: 333
Joined: Feb 2015

Great news Jerzy!  Very happy for you, may there be many more Ned dinners to come!



Jojo61's picture
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Joined: Oct 2013

Woo hoo! Uncle Ned is the best dinner guest ever!



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