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Gleason 9

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Dr. Said aggressive! He needs surgery.

All biopsies came out positive for cancer. Gleason 7 to 9

Scheduling  c.t scan and full body bone scan.

Scheduled survey for May 26th.

We are looking for second opinion. Any suggestions  for central Florida?

I also want other options. 

Please tell me what you had DONE and how it came out. Good or bad. What would you do different?

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Dr. Patel at Celebration Florida has done thousands of surgeries.

Old Salt
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It would be good to have a more complete picture of the prostate pathology. Among others, where were the cancers found and how close were they to the margins? In the meantime, I will give you my opinion.

Personally (Gleason=9 as well), I think that surgery is less likely to be successful than radiation therapy for Gleason 9 cases such as yours. With such a high Gleason score, some cancer cells may have escaped the prostate. Radiation can kill those cells, assuming they are still close to the prostate. Surgery won't get rid of those.

Since you asked about personal experiences, I underwent a 'triple play': IMRT + SBRT + ADT about 3.5 years ago. So far, my PSA has been 'under control' and I have not had serious side effects. Of course, the cancer can pop up its ugly head again; one never knows.

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I was diagnosed in Aug. 2014 with PCa 3+4,  had Robotic prostate removal surgery in Sept. 2014, PSA has been undetectible ever since.  You need to do your homework to find out if the tumor is within the Prostate or has progressed outside the gland.  MRI, bone scan, ct scan should get you the info that you want. I would do nothing different with my treatment plan.  I have a very small stress bladder leakage and no ED after almost three years.

 If the tumor is within the Prostate then surgery or radiation are options.  If the tumor is outside of the gland then radiation and homone treatments can be more effective.  Don't be afraid to get second opinions on the diagnosis & treatment plans.  All of the treatments have side effects that are fairly well documented.  Do lots of research and get the best most experienced doctors & hospitals you can find. I am sure others will chime in with ideas and comments.

Dave 3+4

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My comment was brief and I am glad that Glevelandguy added to it.

We really need more info to offer sensible therapy options such as


PSA history


Other urinary problems (like BHP)

Clinical stage based on the biopsy

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