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Hi everyone,

I decided to post on here because I'm not getting any answers and I feel like I could use some advice from those with experience.

So, back in August I started noticing an increase in my bowel movements.  I used to have one a day, usually in the morning, and then it started going up to 3-4.  I didn't think this was too bad, but I also started having increased gas and tenesmus.  I also started seeing what looked like tomato skins in my stool, but I asked for an FOBT just to make sure.  It turned out to be positive, and a colonoscopy and endoscopy were ordered.  A blood test taken before the procedure also showed slight anemia.  Well, both scopes were all clear and no abnormalities were shown. 

Fast forward to February, where the tenesmus got really bad to a point where I couldn't even sit properly.  I felt very uncomfortable and I suddenly got the scary thought of the GI missing something in the last scope.  I went to see a new GI for a second opinion, who ordered both a stool test and CBC.  The stool test was negative but the CBC showed low hemoglobin levels.  I was scared that I this was caused by GI bleeding, so they did a Meckel scan, an abdominal ultrasound, and another colonoscopy.  All they found was an internal hemorrhoid, but they did take many biopsies just to make sure nothing was missed.  I got the results back last week, all clear.

My question is, I'm just wondering why I'm still having these problems.  I'm still struggling with low hemoglobin, and I'm currently taking a multivitamin with added iron.  I'm also taking vitamin K because I have a prolonged clotting time.  I did experience weight loss back in December, but it's gone up and it currently stable.  But I'm still worried that I'm bleeding fom somewhere, because I don't think hemorrhoids can cause anemia.  I have a follow up with my GI, what do you all suggest I ask her?  I'm afraid she'll brush me off because the tests were negative, but I just want an answer as to why this is all happening.


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    Hi Hanna

                Your questions would be right at home on the undiagnosed stream of the chron's and ulcerative colitis board that I frequent. Some of the posters have been in your situation for many years despite every test modern medicine can throw at them.  It is so frustrating to have symtoms for which they can find no cause.  It is a good sign that the colonoscopy and endoscopy were clear, at least it rules out cancer in those areas. I guess the only area that they have not checked is your small intestine and that usually can only be checked with pill cam. I understand that not knowing is difficult. I am in my twentieth year of survival ex stage 3c colon cancer. I have had ten colonoscopies and around the same number of endoscopies since cancer. They have removed a lot of polyps in that time. I have lost my gallbladder and subsequently been treated with cholestramine for bile salt mal absorption. My older brother has had well over thirty colonoscopies and endoscopies for ulcerative colitis and Barretts oesophagitis. All you can do is to keep asking questions of your docs . Try and get a pill cam approved and stay vigilant, best of luck Ron.

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    Hanna, it's always scary to

    Hanna, it's always scary to have an undiagnosed thing going on, but on the bright side, your testing has cleared the biggest of the scary possibilities, CRC. In 2015 I had an endoscopy because of anemia, and it showed stomach issues and the presence of H. Pylori. Antibiotics took care of that, but I still don't have a lot of iron in me. Things change in a body, maybe you've developed an allergy to a common compound in your food. My sister found not too long ago that she couldn't handle gluten, and that change in diet, changed her life. Hemorroids and ulcers can certainly cause anemia, I'd just ask the GI if anything could have been overlooked, epecially in the upper tract. Good luck.....................................Dave

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    Thanks so much for your

    Thanks so much for your replies.  I will definitely ask my GI about doing a small bowel study.  However, I did get my biopsy report back today and they were able to get a sample of my TI, which I believe is the last part of the small intestine.  That came back normal.  I'm glad and somewhat relieved that there wasn't anything bad microscopically, but now I'm more confused than ever.  Can you still have an IBD and have it not show up on biopsies?  I know sometimes it's hard to get a good look at crohn's if it's further in the small intestine, but wouldn't the biopsy show inflammation if that was the case?