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Here's a switch: Freaking out the physician(s)

JerzyGrrl Member Posts: 760

Before I had my surgery, I realized that the copy of my Advance Directive that most of my regular medical team had was -- oops Embarassed -- just a tad out-of-date. As in, the people they were encouraged to chat with, should the need arise, had already gone on to their rewards (I'd encourage you to pause here and look on YouTube for the Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch if you are so inclined... Excellent euphemisms). So, I had to bring the re-done current one up-to-date (phone numbers of the living [who had replaced the deceased] had changed) and make copies. 

At my pre-surgical appointment, I handed a copy to my surgeon. When he saw what it was, he protested. "Never in all my years of surgery have I needed one of these," he finally said. "Never."

I shrugged, let him know that was fine, but I still thought he ought to have a copy. "I always tell people, 'It's not as though -- should something unexpected come up -- they're going to wake you up in the middle of surgery to ask you which option you might prefer.'" I paused, looked worried, and asked, "WOULD YOU?!" I don't think he realizes when I'm kidding, so his response was rich (Basically, a great big surgical NO, of course not, no way) Laughing . My big smile was (finally) the clue I was joking, but I'm sure sometimes he wonders if my synapses are all wired up to code. 


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    Ha ha thanks for the laugh

    He has gone to meet His maker, He is pushing up the daisies, He is an ex-parrot!!! Tongue Out

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    Freaking out the doctor

    As the doctor asks you how your abdomin feels after the neph, you remind her that you were in the hospital to get a knee replacemant.