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Interferon A 2b Survivors

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I am looking for suvivors who had used the interferon treatments.  Does anyone have any health issues that you would think were from this treatment?  I think I am too young for the health issues i am now having.

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Yes I finished on March 22 17 I am on thyroid medicine

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Took it for  approximate 6 months. Was scheduled to take it for 5 YEARS!   The first doses were intravenously and then my husband started giving me the shot. The first shot at home without the intravenous fluids  made my feel like I was dying. I forgot/didn't know that I had to take anti nausea pill.   I would take 2 acetemenaphones with it at night and try to sleep during the night.  Made me tired all the time.  I lost 40 pounds because nothing tasted good to me.  I had some weird dreams/? at night. What have others experienced?

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Currntly I am NED and it is 3 years since my diagnosis.  I am concerned that it might come back. Any experience with that?

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A large percent of Melanoma is associated with BRAF mutation, and treatment with BRAF and MEK inhibitor combinations is an attractive option for the patients having this genetic alteration. My wife was diagnosed with a metastatic disease in her liver, lymph nodes, lungs and adrenal, and had BRAF V600E mutation. Her extremely aggressive cancer has been continuing to respond since December last year.
Immunotherapy with PD-1 blocker is another viable option in metastatic melanoma, which also can result in long-term remission. Maybe other members can share their experiences here.

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