Ucsf vs stanford

Was currently being treated at Stanford but I have become unhappy with my situation there I'm thinking of transferring my care to UCSF. How does the care there compare¡??


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    Both are NCI designated/certified cancer centers

    Normally, patients are well-served at either. I see no problem, other than logistics or continuity of treatment, in moving to UCSF. If you will have more confidence at UCSF then, by all means, consider being treated there. 

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    thank you po18guy.   Anybody

    thank you po18guy.   Anybody here treated at Ucsf?

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    Hi and welcome.  When I was originally diagnosed with a very rare form of B cell NHL with possible T cell involvement my local Hemo/Oncologist sent me to Stanford for a second opinion.  After several appointments with Stanford and the leading expert there on my NHL deciding to leave and go to GenenTec I wasn't very pleased.  I than self referred myself to UCSF.  I much preferred the care and expertise I was given at UCSF.  Through out my treatment and afterwards I was closely followed by my UCSF doctor, who I loved and greatly respected.  I stayed in my local community for treatments/scans and follow up as I had a long history with my local hemotologist/oncologist.  My doctor at UCSF was Dr L Kaplan.  Both hospitals have a long standing record of outstanding cancer care.  I wish you well in your cancer journey.


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    Thank you.

    Thank you.