Casodex+Avodart instead of Lupron?

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The leader of a local support group suggested this given dad is 83 and has other conditions.  Oncologist wants to start with "two shots in abdomen" then the 3 month Lupron.  Dad's pc is also in many spots on his bone but no symptoms at all right now.  Goal is to do less harm. Da is afaird to lose his little muscle mass which may lead to falls etc.

Has anyone tried this and what is your experience with side effects?

thanks so much!


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    Does any one know what the

    Does any one know what the two shots might be?  I know it is an antiandrogen  and will ask on the next visit but thought this might help someone in figuring  whether the doctors rec is too high risk for dad. Thank you!

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    Better for you to keep inquires in same thread


    I think it better for you to keep inquiring in the same initial thread to get fluid opinions,  based on the overall information shared. Your dad is already taking one of the drugs you inquire here. Your initial thread is here:


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    Eligard? Maybe?


    As you know we are not doctors.  However from my experience, shots given in the belly are Eligard.  Lupron is given in the butt.  My first Hormone Treatment was a 6 month Lupron shot.  Then Medicare said that Lupron was too expensive.  They made my doctors change to Eligard. That was another 6 month shot, given in the belly.  Same medication but administered differently.  Of course in typical Government thinking, it turned out the Elagard Infusion cost more than the Lupron Infusion.  So, we went back to Lupron shot, every three months.  There may be other medications given with a shot in the belly.  I don't know.  This is what I know from my situation.  The way things have gone and from what I'm hearing and reading, Medicare coverage is going to get worse and worse as the new administation comes in.  If so, Lord knows what we'll have to deal with.

    I think Casodex works differently than Lupron.  I was told that in some cases people are put on Lupron and Casodex at the same time.  Lupron triggers something in the brain that cuts back on testosterone production from the testicles.  That removes most of the Testosterone from the body, that prostate cancer feeds on.  The Casodex works on adreanal glands.  I think.  They also help produce some testosterone.  That's why women actually have small amounts of testosterone in their systems.  I'm not completely sure about that however.  VascodaGama would be the one to ask about that.  He was explaining some of that on another post.  I am coming up on my check up and my PSA has come up a little since I've been of Lupron for over a year now.  My doctor mentioned Casodex as something we might try instead of going back on full time Lupron, or we may do Intermitant Lupron Shots.  I had already aggreed to have a Orchiectomy two years ago.  My Chemo Oncologist told me that even with having that surgery, I might have to take Casodex or some other drug to keep the testosterone knocked down. 

    You father's concern about muscle mass is understood.  I did lose some muscle mass while on Lupron .  However I kept working out and it wasn't too bad.  Now that my Testosterone is back up, I've gained that muscle mass back plus more.  I've gained 12 pounds of hard, solid muscle in the last year. All my shirts have gotten tighter in the shoulders and arms.  My Dermatologist and Chemo Oncologist have doth commented on the hardness of my muscle during appointmants over the last three months.  It's sort of embarassing since they are both women.  One a former student of mine (dermatologist), and the other (Chemo Oncologist) was also a student in the same high school, but I didn't work with her.  I would say, that a little loss of muscle mass is a small price to pay if you can survive this damn disease. 

    Like I said We are not doctors and all our cases are different.  I can only tell you what I have learned while going through this battle. 

    Best of Luck.

    Love, Peace and God Bless


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    Any one know or experienced

    Any one know or experienced casodex 150 ( plus something?) instead of lupron. I was on lupron for a year and it stopped working. Last shot was in April 2019. This week I couldn't urinate and went to ER. Cancer tissue is in my bladder base obstructing flow. Sent me home with a catheter. I'm looking into immunotherapy and my urologist wants me back on hormone therapy. I'd like to try casodex and ? Tamusolim - something that neutralizes side effect of breast enlargement. 

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    New thread

    Hi there,

    Can I suggest that you start a new thread instead of digging up an old one, it is a lot less confusing for all concerned.

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