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Cervical Cancer Survivors Needed!!

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I have a dear friend that is battling stage 4 cervical cancer for the third time and it has just spread.  She is young and vibrant and an all around amazing human being.  She hasn't left the hospital in over a month and is feeling down and losing hope.  Are there any Survivors on here in the Los Angeles area that would be willing to pay her a visit and give her some encouragement?  Or does anyone know of any local organizations to look into that would visit her?  Thank you so much in advance!!!

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I am so sorry to hear about your friend.  Cancer is a horrible disease.  This board can be a little slow sometimes but your pain is now.  You might want to try the Naitonal Cerivical Cancer Coalition www.nccc-online.org as they have a chat board there as well.  You can click on the link in this email and it should open up a new window with their site.

Also, reach out to the local American Cancer Society in her area.  I think there are different programs available and you can certainly ask 

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