5 years since surgery

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Been 5 years since I had surgery in November 2011 (was 49).  PSA under .1 so really do not care what is happening below that number.  Feel good. However, worst side effect is my back has bothered me since surgery.  Even with robotic the core was cut weaking L4 and L5.  Outside of that doing well.  Been long time since I have posted been busy enjoying life. Saved a fortune in Cleenx.  Live, love and laugh  at all costs boys.  Hope all are doing well.   


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    Congrats on your successful

    Congrats on your successful surgical treatment!  Hope all continues for you as well into the future.

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    Always great to here about success.

    I have a problem with my L4/L5. I do exercises that I learned in physical therapy for this, as well as lots of swimming (side stroke, back stroke and free style, but no breast stroke).

    Enjoy New Jersey....happy new year.


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    The mile stone

    5-year mark is the first mile stone in sucessful PCa surgeries leading to "cured status".  image

    I hope that such is the conclusion and that you are free of the bandit forever. Congratulations.

    Best wishes


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    We need more guys in your great position to write, hunter.

    I am clean (undetectable PSA) at two year's out, and get my annual checks this month.

    I broke my back at T-9 years ago, and T-8 and T-10 disks are totally collapsed, but I have little to no back pain. Left leg and left kneecap also nearly torn off. These areas hurt for about 15 years or so, but no longer do.  I see guys with knee arthritis, unable to bear it, and wonder.  I think: What if your kneecap was picked up off the street ?

    Sometimes broken becomes the new normal, and the body does not respond with much pain.   I take nothing, unless I take an occasional Advil. Avoid Tylenol long-term, since it is harmful to the liver.  And never take narcotics, which are an epidemic today, and killing thousands each year.