Anyone recently had Treatment at ISSELS????

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My father has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is looking for alternative treatments to chemo. He has found this clinic called Issels in Santa Barbara CA but i am a bit skeptical about him receiving treatment there, rather than from Drs. here at Dana Farber in Boston. He has seen the testimonials on the website and of course they are all positive so he is thinking that this is the best place for him to go. I have tried to do some research on the place and have found some really negative reviews but then see these testimonails about how patients have been cured so i dont know what to believe. Of course we spoke to a woman at the Issels center and she had nothing but good things to say, we just want to make the right decision.  I am hoping someone will read this who has had a personal experience with this place that he and i can comminucate with.


thank you for any information anyone may have.



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    No personal experience
    Trust your instincts. Anyone can make up a testimonial. Testimonials are not facts. Dana Farber is considered a center of excellence by the National Cancer Care Network. I just buried a friend who sought alternative treatment first at stage one, at that point it was curable. By the time she sought standard treatment it was too late. The time to seek alternative care is after traditional fails. My opinion, of course.

    This link takes you to a great guide on sorting out quacks.