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Breathalyzer Can Detect 17 Diseases, Including Kidney Cancer

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<p>Well, THIS would have been helpful a few years ago...</p>
<p><a href="http://insights.globalspec.com/article/3874/breathalyzer-ids-disease-fin... to story</a></p>
<p>(you may have to cut and paste...the "insert link" function doesn't appear to be working)</p>

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They don't seem to identify what sort of RCC the participants had in the research paper. Would "Kidney Cancer" cover them all? That would be something interesting to know, as well as what stage / grade / group the subjects were. 

I have no doubt that some day we may very well get there. Meanwhile...

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I remember either reading or hearing a few years ago about researchers working with dogs being about to "sniff" out certain kinds of cancers. I wonder if they are still working on that or what came of that.

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Pretty interesting things on the horizon.  

Kevin, I had a couple of patients along the way when I was doing Hyperbarics for Wound Healing Therapy that credited their dog for the early diagnosis of breast cancer.  Both, at different times, insisted their dog would never leave that side of their body & would continuously be sniffing at their breast.  Initially, we found ourselves in the "things that make you go hmmmmm?" mind frame, but hey, if a dog can be trained to sniff out drugs or bombs, or an impending seizure, etc. must be something about their sniffers, right?


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And I wouldn't put it past them to be able to detect things like cancer and other illnesses. I guess it's up to us to figure out what dogs are telling us. Like those patients that insist their dogs were sniffing at their bodies...I'm sure the doggies were smelling something and that if only they could talk, well, they may have been able to have warned them long before any tests would have.


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Really an interesting concept!

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