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High Doses of Testosterone

Will Doran
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To All

Has any one seen this?  Use of extreme high doses of Testosterone and then cutting to extreme low levels of testosterone as a treatment for PCA.  It's done in cycles.  Testing from John's Hopkins. 


Interesting if this works after all the years of cutting testosterone to low levels to reduce PSA.



Old Salt
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There's been some prior discussion on this Forum;


My (not very informed) opinion is that we need more data because there were so few people in the Johns Hopkins trial

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I wonder about this.  In my case, I had a high PSA of over 6 for many years.  I just ignored the conitunal increases because I believed that at my age, cancer moved slowly and I would die of something else.  So, I injected Sustanon 250 and Equipose once or twice a week (50 mg each).  And my picture here is an 81 YO body, so you can see it worked great.  I know all the horror stories about Steroids, and surely there are many, but I also know many, many more stories of better health as well, especially with older guys.  At 81, my Psa was 300 and I had very advanced bone matastasis.  I did orchiectomy, and over a two year period, my Psa went to under 1.5, and the cancer became under control. Of course, like all body builders who do steroids, when I quit I lost 35 pounds of muscle and became as weak as an ordinary 81 YO man.   So, in a way, it looks like I did the same as the study.  

      I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to do Roids again, but, of course this would be foolish to take a chance when I have no pain and cancer is under control.  If I could do roids again, there is no question I could build my body back.  Now, with no roids, I cannot seem to get get over 200 pounds, even eating high protein diet six or seven meals a day.  So, I decided to stop trying for size and instead get really cut.  I started a Ketogenic diet consisting of 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbs.  Actually, I only get carbs from fresh green leafy vegetables, and I really do not count the grams.  I eat lots of butter, cheese, yoghurt, eggs, olive oil, cocoanut oil, avocados (2 a day).  There is also a lot meat called for, especially bacon, but I am a vegan and do not do this.

I have done tons of research on the Ketogenic diet.  For my money, the very best info is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjTw3c4IyA0

   I do abs 30 minutes a day, and have a six pack, but, like all old guys, there is a layer of fat over the abs (not a big layer, mind you!!).  I think I can get rid of that fat and look ripped with a Keto diet.  Obviously, an 85 YO old man competing with 25 to 35 Yo champions looks well out of place on the posing platform.  But, I do this only to show what acceptance and celebration of "what is" and a surrender to "Thy will be done" with a positive loving atitude can acomplish.  The internet is such a wonderful invention.  If you look hard enough, you can always find an opinion that will back up what you want to believe.  "Roids are great for Prostate Cancer!!!"  I love it.

 Love, Swami Rakendra

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I am pretty much symptom free.  No pain, fully continent and physically active. Follow up PSA's are good (see below).  My last t-level has dropped from 311 to 202.  I have no low t symptoms at this time.  Pretty normal sex drive for a 71 year old (I think) but a 33% drop seems a little strange.  I would appreciate any feedback from the group.

Age 68 at diagnosis 

2/2009 PSA 4.3 Biopsy negative

2009-2016 PSA climbed from 4 to 6

DRE all negative

2/2016 PSA 7.5

Ultrasound and DRE indicate nodule

Biopsy with 6 of 12 cores pos

Two 4+3 Four 3+3

5/11/16 Gold Markers Placed

5/5/2016 on Lupron and Casodex

6/8/16 Lupron Dose #2

7/2016 IMRT started 25 fractions 45Gy total

8/4/16 Flomax  0.4mg  started

Cyberknife boost 8/9/16 2 fractions 19 Gy total

Weight down to 128

9/1/16 Last Dose of Casodex

11/18/16 Hot flashes end; getting up 1-2 x per noc

12/6/16   PSA 0.1  T-Level 372

3/6/17     PSA 0.2 T-level 288

7/10/17   PSA 0.2 T-level 308  

11/16/17 PSA 0.2 T-level 311

6/13/18   PSA 0.2  T-level 202


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My lay opinion on the lower testosterone is due to the fact that some of it is substituted by estrogens. The fat we stock on the belly (like a Michelin tire) is made up of estrogens which are also used by our body for several purposes substituiting the testosterone temporarily. Estrogens are also made from cholesterol and typically we see an increase of the stuff when T becomes lower. The body doesn't need to produce T as much. In other words; we are getting older.

The stable PSA is wonderful in view of you having still the gland in place.

Best wishes for continuing QoL.



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Thanks Ron for your response which I just noticed today.You seem to be well versed on this subject. Where did this knowledge come from?Good luck to u as well.

Old Salt
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See, for instance, 


And since you are feeling fine, I wouldn't worry a bit.

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Thanks for your response and support.I get conflicting advice from the Drs on this issue.As long as I am feeling fine and there is no danger to my health I am inclined not to risk taking supplementaion to increase my very low testosterone.

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My testtoterone level is 28 after 3years traeatment ended .Had degaralix/firmagon for 3mos plus 5 IRT radiation.Oncologist wants me to take testosterone ut urologist and endocrinologist say its like pouring gasoline on a  fire.Has anybody had this issue and what did u do?Feel good but oncologist say low testoterone may lead to other health problems.Need help here.Biopsy negative and PSA non detectable.

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Who at John Hopkins is doing this?I need a DR who is an expert on testosterone after prostate cancer.

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