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Stage II chemo decision - MSI-H and ONCOTYPE-DX


I recently posted about my dad being in stage II grey zone where its not clear chemo would be helpful.  After reading a bit I found that there are two tests that can help make a better decision in this situation.

One test is the MSI-H (microasatellite instability H) and the other is ONCOTYPE-DX.

Has anyone had these tests done?


  • Joan M
    Joan M Member Posts: 409
    I had the MSI test

    I don't remember hearing about ONCOTYPE.  I was tested for the MSI, BRAF, and KRAS.  I  have the KRAS mutation, no MSI. 

    They use these tests because it will help them determine which medicines to use for chemo.   

    Hope your dad is doing well.

    Merry Christmas,


  • kmygil
    kmygil Member Posts: 876

    I had tests done and was found to have HNPCC (Lynch Syndrome) which is essentially an MIS, but the chemo protocol was about the same as for non-HNPCC colon cancer.  I would go ahead and have the tests done so the chemo targeting is more efficient.