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perplexing symptoms

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I am a 47 year old female and about 3 months ago the lymph nodes under my arms and in my groin started to ache.  I made an appt with my pcp.  She ordered bw.  It all came back within the normal range with the exception of my RBC.  They were slightly elevated.  She said if my symptoms did not go away then she would most likely refer me to a rheumotologist.  She then did a modified physical exam and said she felt enlarged nodes under both of my armpits.  I have been unable to feel any enlargement (not like I would when I've been sick with a sinus infection and they are enlarge in my neck region), and my husband has been unable to feel any enlargement as well.  In any event, she sent me to have a mammogram.  The mammogram came back clear.  Since then the pain has waxed and waned with some days being better than others.  I have no other symptoms such as fever, nightsweats, weightloss, or aches anywhere else.  Everything I research, though, leads me to lymphoma as a possibilty.  My questions is, what should my next step be?  Should I go ahead a schedule an appt. with a rheumotologist or try to get in to see an oncologist? My pcp will not return phone calls so this is extremely frustrating.  In addition, has anyone experienced painful lymph nodes limited to the area between the armpits and groin with no other symptoms and been diagnosed with lymphoma?  Thank you in advance.

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nodes caused by lymphoma are not painful.

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Because you asked, I would follow through with the rheumatologist and go from there.  It could be many things and worth investigating. 

I can tell you I have lymphoma, my nodes exploded and never hurt until one encroached in my jaw.  It ran out of space and hurt.  The others did not.  I'm hoping yours is not lymphoma.  I was exhausted, itched, freezing cold and had night sweats...

We're all different here, stories and symptoms are unique to each individual.  I never followed up on things pertaining to my health.  My best advise be the opposite of me and figure this out.


Good Luck, keep me posted!



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lymphoma tumors are simply a mass of white blood cells with no nerve cells. Can't hurt. I had one on my right shoulder blade half way between my neck and shoulder. I never even knew it was there until I saw it in a hotel mirror while shaving. It was the size of half a golf ball and totally painless.

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There is not a lot in your description to suggest lymphoma. My experience has been that palpable nodes are irrelevant: my PCP felt me for nodes but could feel nothing the day before a CT ordered by a cardiologist.  The CT that next day showed me totally covered from jaw to pelvis with huge nodes everywhere.  Go figure.  I have never felt a lymph node in my life, despite stage 3 disease.

As GK noted, cancerous nodes virtually never hurt, and thy do not fluctuate in size.

The mamo would have most likely caught any enlarged nodes in the axillary region.

It is easy to read a list of symptoms and then scream "That's me !"

Most likely it ain't.


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Swelling as you described is often a symptom of lyme disease and/or toxoplasmosis. The former is very serious, the latter usually not so much. There are blood tests for each. I had toxo as a child. All my glands and joints were swollen. Cats are usually the source of toxo. Lyme disease is carried by deer ticks. 20% of the worlds populations tests positive for toxo antibodies. Blood tests can differentiate between antibodies and active disease. Sulfa drugs are an effective treatment, however there is no cure.

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if you feel you have enough symptoms make an appointment with oncology. It's your life and lymphoma is very treatable

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