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The CUP Diaries

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Berni Williams
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It’s a bit of a shock when you are diagnosed with cancer – and even more of a shock when the doctors tell you they have no idea where it is!
This is the phenomenon known as Cancer of Unknown Primary – or CUP - as it is commonly known. A secondary cancer is detected in the body – which means that metastasis has occurred – the original cancer has spread to other parts of the body. However, when they look for the original cancer – it can’t be found!
This is one survivor's story of being diagnosed with something she'd never heard of, something that has quite a poor prognosis, due to the fact that it isn't picked up until after the primary cancer has spread elsewhere.
The author takes you through a personal account of the original symptoms, the barrage of tests, diagnosis and the details of treatment she went through to emerge happy and healthy again.

Berni says "Not many of us know what is involved with cancer and its treatment until it happens to us or a loved one. It would have helped me to be able to read stories of others experiences while I was going through mine. With that in mind I have turned part of my personal blog - which was originally written to update family and friends on my treatment and well-being as I went through my cancer - into this eBook so that others who have just been diagnosed with CUP - or any kind of cancer can also benefit. It explains how it feels to have a CIT scan, what happens when you have chemotherapy and the highs and lows of the radiotherapy waiting room!
It is light-hearted on the whole - considering the subject matter - and I hope it is of some help to anyone who reads it."

50% of all royalties will go to The CP Foundation

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Email: berniwilliams1@hotmail.com
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