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Blood clots during chemo

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I am currently receiving RCHOP for DLBC lymphoma transformed from Follicular. I have completed 4 treatments to date. When I had a visit with my Onc. before 4th chemo, I told him I have a slight sore spot in my neck and he ordered an ultrasound. I was totally caught off guard with the results, and really upset.  I have an occlusive DVT in the left internal jugular vein, and a nonocculsive DVT in the brachiocephalic vein. I am now giving myself injections of Lovenox twice a day. The nurse said it would be for 3-6 months. I didn't get to talk with the Dr. about it yet, but plan to very soon. I hope that I can be put on an oral anticoagulant instead of the shots for all those months. 

Did anyone else have blood clots during chemo? If so, what was your treatment for the clots?

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Sometime pre, during or post-transplant, i developed a 4cm clot in my right outer jugular. So, Lovenox injections twice daily. A follow-up ultrasound revealed that the clot was not dissvolving and had, in fact, developed veins and was now a living part of my jugular. No chance of it breaking loose, however. Yes, the bruises eventually fade.

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