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*profiles and posts * alert

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That was catchy huh? I just want to remind people to keep your profiles updated. Brief health history. It is frustrating to read a post and have quick background check reveal nothing. Those without updates may be missing out from proper feedback. I know that I see so many new people I can't keep everyones concerns in perspective. I know my issues at 5 years out have little interest to newbies worried about having a scar after nephrectomy. And vice-versa. Thanks. We need to do this every few months, huh, Morosa?

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If they are like me, I never knew or remembered to do a profile, to befriend others or that we even had DM=direct message email.

Thanks for the reminder Foxy!

Hugs, Jan

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Fox and I each speak to different members of the club. He speaks to those dealing with complications and is an inspiration for us all. I mainly speak to the newbies who have just heard the C word for the first time and are told that they are going to take (yank) out your Kidney at the same time. Each of us needs to know a little about you so that we can respond appropriately to your concerns and not Kidney Cancer generically. So lets fill out our profiles so those responding can help you as much as possible. 




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Thanks fox for the reminders to join and participate in the discussion. It wasn't for one of your messages like this one last year I would still be a reader and not a contributor.  Thanks again.  I think these reminders go a long way towards making this such an active and useful board.

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And its not a chore. It helped me to show someone the different meds I've had over the years when they wanted to know. Writing calmly about your history is also kinda therapeutic.

So please, take a minnute

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