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wedge resection of adenocarcinoma in situ

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I had a CT scan in 2010 and it showed several ground glass density nodules.  I have been having follow up CT scans since and only one of the nodules has been slowly but consistently growing.  It is now 1cm in size in the right upper lobe.  I had a biopsy on Monday, July 25th and it is adenocarcinoma in situ.  I will have a wedge resection done laporascopically in September.  Have any of you had this experience?  What was the recovery time and involvement?  Post treatment experiences?  Any reoccurences in lungs or else where?  I just have no idea what to expect.  I would appreciate any information. 

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I had vats for removal of my lower right lobe on 9-23-10.  3 days in the hospital and back to work a month later.  I was 51 years old.  Slowly but surely I regained my stamina.  The best thing for me was doing breathing exercises and walking.  I walk at least a mile a day in total from walking my dog and walking at work.  No recurrances.  Mine was a squamous cell and 1.1 cm when removed, I had no chemo or radiation after, as I was a stage 1a NOMO.  Sounds like your cancer has grown very slow.  Mine grew from 7mm to 1.1 in 2 months.  I wish you well and keep us posted. Lori


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Hi I just joined when I was searching for coughing after a VATS for a RUL of what they used to call BAH but now called adenocarcinoma w/ lepedic features (same as in-situ).  Wasn't able to have the wedge resection, was better to remove the complete lobe. My surgery was 12 Jul this year and I was in hospital for 6 days (had to wait for second chest tube to be removed).  Like Lori I am a Stage 1A N0M0.  Had 14 lymph nodes removed that were all negative so no further treatment. But will have to get imaging on a regular basis.  If you are having the procedure done VATS your recovering should not be that bad.  They had me using the spiromter to increase my lung capacity before the surgery.  I am still numb on my right side that is suppose to be like that for a while.  Have a productive cough still (but have allergies and currently taking allergy shots).  It did hurt to take deep breathes afterward and to cough but they wanted me to cough.  But it did get better.  Just have to make sure you don't rush anything for I am still taking it slow.  Glad to read stories like Lori so I hope and pray I can type the same thing in 6 years.  My was also slow growing but I was not aware of it (long story).  Alsowish you well with your surgery and recovery.  "C"

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