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breakfast food to keep you going

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Wondering what are some good breakfast foods to eat while going through chemo to keep you going and feeling the best you can?

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VODKA, of course... just kidding I don't even drink but made me chuckle.  

I usually had a bagel and cream cheese.  Worked for me.

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As you know, I was approved to skip chemo. But, I do find berry smoothies with coconut milk/cream to always be a wonderful, quick, yummy, and simple meal with lots of nutritional value. You could always add a banana or mango for more sweetness. I hope you're doing well. I think of you often.

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Toast with peanut butter or an egg an toast works for me. My potassium goes low so I try to eat a banana or drink OJ. I bring snack such as almonds, dried apricots, hard sugarless candy and I always bring my lunch. 

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Peanut butter toast is one of my favorites. Grape Nuts or other cereal mixed with yogurt. I also made and froze some breakfast quesadillas (scrambled eggs and shredded cheese in a folded flour tortilla, heated to crispy in a dry skillet), so I always have something with protein that can be heated quickly.

I've also been trying to make myself drink at least one Ensure a day during the days after treatment. It's not so bad, but I'm not crazy about the taste.

I've heard from several sources that you should be careful with fresh fruits and vegetables (at least those that can't be peeled) during times when you're feeling fatigued (neutropenic).


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Peanut butter or almond butter on toast is my go-to breakfast all the time, sometimes with an egg.  I usually have some sort of fruit as well, usually berries or melon.  I also found organic Greek yogurt to be a good source of protein.

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Peanut butter toast and sometimes Greek yogurt and fruit. I've heard that about fresh fruits and veggies, but I never had a problem personally.

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I would eat two scramble eggs and the occassional piece of bacon before chemo (I know, bacon is bad for you but, oh well!). Greek yogurt was always my lunch during infusion. Both the eggs and the greek yogurt are high in protein and help you body heal quickly from the chemo.

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Thanks every one for your ideas.  Im going to try some of these for my next chemo treatment in one week from today. 

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Of course not the vodca.  brissance, i dont drink that stuff either.  Thanks for the laughter though.

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I saw that several people mentioned fruits.  Be sure to google the dirty dozen list before you buy fruits.  Ideally, buy organic fruits instead, if they are available.  My favorite fruit, strawberries, is now at the top of the dirty dozen list.  Apples are second on it. These are fruits that have so many pesticides that you can't even wash them off.  I heard about this list at a cancer survivor's dinner at the hospital where I had my surgery.  It changes every year.  You don't want to be causing yourself exposure to pesticides that can up your chances of getting another cancer diagnosis. 

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I have been aiming for a diet high in protein and fiber...I feel better when I eat that way...I snack on walnuts...sometimes I get those little fruit squeezy things for kids and put them in the fridge. Also protein shakes with coconut almond milk and chia seeds...I eat weird things all day...traditional breakfast foods for lunch or dinner and lunch food for breakfast...does anyone else out there do that?

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