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Been a while...

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Hi, all.  Sorry I *poofed* for so long.  Nothing on the sRCC front for a while; scans in March came back looking good, and since then we have been utterly deluged with work, so I haven't had much time to do anything, especially sit and think about what ol' cansah's doing.

Anyway, John went for scans last week and we went today for the results. Bad news, with a good silver lining. He had growth of about 30% in all his tumors, no more in number, but they all got bigger. The Sutent, which he was having problems with, is a no-go now. Good news, is that this doctor said we are in a good position for John to try a double round of IL2 (I think that's what it is) and that he, and the doctor he is referring John to, have had good experience with patients coming away either NED or stable with no growth for years. He said because John has had a full round of a first line, he can qualify for this, if he is evaluated and found to be a good candidate. Sounds like he is, because it's only in his lungs, and because he's been so short-term on anything else. Apparently, the response to treatment degrades the longer other drugs have been used, and that it works best in patients who only have lung nodes.


This doctor also clarified that the spot by his aorta is actually just a lymph node and not an actual tumor.

We are very happy with this doctor, and now we are just waiting to hear from the new doctor in Baton Rouge to schedule the evaluation...

Fingers crossed.

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Sending good vibes and positive thoughts for your husband to be a complete responder to the IL2!...From one Louisiana Girl to another...Take Care, Panda


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and prayers coming your way.


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Hoping for only good responses from the IL2!


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If your doc thinks you should take it then go for it. It can do a great job but can also be a bit rough. I truly believe I wouldnt be here without IL2 in 2013. But here I am!

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